Gf reaction to fake tan

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  1. My girlfriend had a reaction to fake tan and woke up in the middle of night couldnt breath proper rash all over her body and swollen face , went to hospital and they "fixed" her.
    But she still has a rash and is very uncomfortable just wondering if anybody knows any in the house remedies that could make her feel a little better.
    Thanks :)
  2. Da fuck mang? Weather is getting warm, tell your girl to stop cheating.
  3. most people think its only for chicken pox but if you go out and get some of that oatmeal for baths that shit is the rash itch master. People use it for Eczema, CP, and all sorts of rashes... i have some cream shit at home thats made from it, i get odd rashes from touching plants n shit, not allergic, i just have mega, mega hypersensitive skin, and a tiny dab of that cream on the area i touched a plant that makes me itch and its all good to go
  4. Thanks sirsog :)
  5. If it stings maybe a little aloe, and just give her that little extra amount of love, attention, and affection :) Ask if you can get her anything, stuff like that...

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  6. hell yea dude, i know how itchy skin feels, its fucking horrible, so so horrible to be itchy all day lol. Kinda sucks actually, if i touch some sticky ass bud, then say, itch my arm, it gets more and more itchy... so i have to be careful to wipe my hands on my pants or something before i go rubbing my skin afterwards... makes making oil annoying as fuck, but i have gloves for that hahahahha
  7. an oatmeal bath will really really help.
  8. She paid to look like a orange douche? The sun could've done that...

  9. I died

    My face when

  10. benadryl other than that i have no clue good luck man that really sucks dude
  11. pauly d should know whats up
  12. Not a house rem ....but the docs suggested Benadryl the last time I was stung & broke out swollen ,red & itching all over.
    It worked great!
    Hope shes fine feels better soon.

    "I am sooooo fucked.......YES?"
  13. I don't understand why people fake tan in the first place

    There's something called the sun. It's up in the sky's really fuckin bright

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