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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by JonBongJovi, May 4, 2006.

  1. Nothing pisses me off more than when I call my girlfriend and I'm telling her a story or answering a question and I pause or ask her a question and the line is dead. She stopped paying attention to me to answer or pay attention to someone else.

    It's not that she went away that pisses me off, it's that she doesn't say, "Hold on a sec," or something similarly informative. I understand if she's at work and someone needs her for a second or she's at home and her family asks her something but I don't like being in the middle of a story or conversation and realizing she hasn't been listening for the last 10 seconds. Then, I get to sit there and wait until she comes back.

    She's an amazing girlfriend and I love her to death. We'll probably be getting married in a few years and this is the only rude thing she does. It's the technological equivalent of walking away from someone at a party while they're talking to you.... No, scratch that.... it's the equivalent of walking away from a blind person who is talking to you and letting them figure out you've left and letting them wonder when you'll return.

    Rant complete.
  2. man fuck that, i can't stand when people don't listen to me. i couldn't marry someone like that, tell her to get with it, or give her the boot!
  3. Haha i always do that on the phone.

    I hate the phone, I'm more of an in-person kind of guy.
  4. I hate talking on the phone for more than 2 minutes straight. When people try to keep me on longer than that I start buggin out. Another habit is that if someone is pissed off on the other end and is just bitchin and moaning ill just hope the phone at like arms length till they finish. Phones arent fun.
  5. Just talk to her about it, man. If she's as great as you say she is, she will understand. That, or your going to pissed off and shit is going to escalate.

    Yay for communication!
  6. i hear ya Rasta. i hate talkin on the phone. Well i generally dont like talking in person either. i can type and chat with people online, no problem there, but my thoughts seem to come out better when i am typing or writing. People always bitch and say im too quiet but i just dont have relavent shit to say

    I would be pretty pissed to. When people dont listen to what i say i tend to get agitated pretty quickly, especially since not much comes outta my mouth and its not like i am talking their head off or something that they should just tune me out
  7. I have that problem sometimes. I think it's all about you confidence level. Do you consider other peoples point of view more than your own when you express your opinions? That's usually what fucks up what I'm trying to say.
  8. i dont know. i think i have plenty of confidence, i guess i just dont like talking too much. Thoughts flow more easily when typing and stuff. Just because i am quiet doesnt mean i am not thinkin about shit
  9. Oh, I keep reminding her. She is great. This is the only thing she does. We actually have a fantastic relationship. Probably because we talk a lot and like hanging around eachother.

    I look at some of my friends and they're happy to be away from their girlfriends. I don't get that. I mean, it's good to have alone time but if you're so thankful to get away maybe you should reevaluate if the sex is worth it. Y'know?
  10. Haha i'm the same way.

    If any GC members ever meet me, they'll be dissapointed with how inarticulate i am in person. But i hate the phone, rather be in person.

    I'm an observer. My mind thinks very tactically. I like to be aware of my environment, and observe the actions of others. It makes me comfortable, knowing what's going on. It's kind of weird i guess.

    Guess it's from growing up in the conditions i did.

    Phones annoy me. I refuse to own a celllphone. I have a $500 bet with a co-worker that i'll never own one.
    I get distracted, i cant stand just sitting there with a phone glued to my head.
  11. wow strange guys lol. I am a you call me, u better expect to talk. or if your riding around with me, and u dont talk ill kick ya outta the car lol. Im a very social and outgoing guy i guess lol
  12. JonBongJovi, d00d I feel you. My husband is deaf in one ear...sometimes conveniently deaf in that ear. haha I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have to repeat yourself 5 times or raise your voice just to communicate a thought. I love that man more than anything but it gets OLD.
  13. Ha, oh man, if I knew someone did that (walk away from phone) I'd think of ways to mess with them... like...

    Learn to play some tunes using the number buttons. Refuse to stop playing it until the song is over, even if she comes back on the line. Tell her you were really getting into "a thing" and couldn't stop the groove.

    Continue to have a conversation when you realize she's not on the line. Just make up her responses in your head and pretend she's saying them, and react to them. When she gets back on the phone, don't stop doing this.

    Pretend like you're having phone sex, and whisper things like "Oh yeah baby, don't talk... *fap* *fap* *fap*... Yeah just keep that mouth shut...." and when she comes back on the phone, she'll be in for a pleasent surprise.

    There are more sinister pranks too, but hey, why not have fun with it? Plus, she might quickly realize that if she ignores you on the phone, annoying things happen.
  14. Rasta when would you ever collect on that bet? Cause if you never get one, youll be dead and he wont have to pay you.
  15. dude, my gf does the same exact shit to me all the time. I could kill her for it
  16. If someone dose that to me I just hang up and wiat for them to call back.
  17. this is exactly how my most recent relationship was. we broke up because we had failure to communicate. some people, eh?

  18. exactly/If they leave without being polite and at least letting me KNOW that theyre leaving, im not going to waste MY time waiting around for them to come back.
  19. Hahaha I have to admit as well I do shit like that, sometimes I hang up on my friend in the middle of him talking for no reason just to piss him off.:D
  20. Now that's just flat-out annoying. I wouldn't call him back.

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