Gf hates GC

Discussion in 'General' started by Rizo, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. So you've never done anal? lol (rhetorical question) Dude this sounds like every chick I've ever dated. She just wants you to make her feel special, then she'll chill.
  2. Haha that just made me laugh
  3. Wassup with this anal talk? Is anal a common occurrence ? I don't wear condoms and hate the thought of shit on my dick.
  4. and GC hates your GF :wave:
  5. I think young people have a skewed perspective on this because their generation has grown up with cell phones. But many people still feel that it is rude to have your face buried in your phone while you are in the room with them.

    Up to you. Keep using GC on your phone and piss off your girlfriend, or ignore GC while you're with your girlfriend, or tell her "sorry babe I'm choosing GC over you"
  6. What's up your ass this fine Christmas Eve?
  7. I agree. Thx for the perspective. Ill ignore GC when she's home.
  8. Put it in her pooper!
  9. Just put it it in her mouth.
  10. Or her pooper!
  11. I lol'd at these replies. Just lmao
  12. GC should call out your GF... winner take all
  13. You need to teach her how to appreciate some cum in er bum

    for GC
  14. First she starts with controlling you and your phone, next thing you know she's controlling your diet, wardrobe, and friends. Kick the bitch out now!!
  15. I'm going to give you some great advice.

    First An example on what your GF is:

    Second, An example on how to handle your bitch:

    Hope I helped, and if your ever in need of some quick advice read the sig.
  16. Well I'm not gonna lie if I was my girl I'd hate this place 2

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