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Gf hates GC

Discussion in 'General' started by Rizo, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. She says I'm stuck on my iPhone all the time and wants to delete my account and app basically. She says I'm on here all the time and that I need to be with her more. So I just got paid, wanna make it up to her. Haha should I buy her something for her to shut her up? Btw I'm on GC for one hour a day at most. What is girls problem about not paying attention to her? She ignores the 9 hrs i spend with her and just focus on the 20 minutes im on the forum. She's living with me and I see her all the time. Damn what to do haha

    I ain't tripping just seeing what fellow blades would do and if you guys have the same over attentive gf
  2. One hour a day? damn that's nothing, i'm here all day as long as i'm on my pc.

    If you enjoy browsing GC , do it. What is she, a control freak or something?:rolleyes:
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    You've been a member since novemember and only have 402 posts.
    Not my place to judge, but she sounds a lil bit stupid :p You're fine man. Compared to some of us hermits that are on here 24/7. And sure get her something, it's almost Christmas!
  4. wow... talk about needy.

    just tell her you need some time just to get away from all the bullshit we deal with in our everyday lives, and you happen to do it on GC
  5. bewarned sir....

    my ex and i got in an argument that began over her saying i am on GC too much, and ended with me in trouble with the law for shit i didnt do, infact im on my last month of probation for that very night still

    I only say this because from what you just described, it was just like my ex and I... lived together, saw her plenty... spend a few mins on the phone and the abandonment issues came springing to the fucking surface...
  6. Tell her to go fuck herself.
  7. If you buy her something she will think you will do that every time she acts like a spoiled little bitch.
  8. I was with my girl for like 6 hours straight and then when I'm eating my bed time meal and she was laying in bed she kept talking to me when I'm clearly trying to read stuff from the site. She kept trying for like 5 minutes! That's when I said "be quiet or no dick tonight."
  9. That's very rude. He's not gona tell her that. And yes girls can be over attentive .
  10. if we could get pics of her we might be able to understand better
  11. Man i am on here probably 3 hours a day you're good. She sounds like she's tryin to get some attention.
  12. I got her 2 grams of wax to chill her out including my Christmas gift of expensive perfume and lotions. Should I add In some booze as well haha

    Usually I'm reading threads & not posting or replying so I cannot understand why she would complain. If anything, I'm furthering my knowledge and experience.

    She's an awesome Gf and besides that her complaints of my phone and GC, she's chill. So no I won't tell her to fuck off, Thomas.
    I'm not trying to abstinent; tell her to fuck off is basically saying I don't want anymore blow jobs.
  13. Ask her if she's willing to do anal, and if she's not, just sneak it in there anyways.
  14. I'm no fudge packer.
  15. trueshit: i lost my anal virginity before i even fucked a girl in her pussy, and i actually havent even had pussy yet. only her shithole:devious:
  16. @Rizo: a lil repressed?
  17. I'm literally gona try that tonight.. Thanks for the thought
  18. Not repressing Anythang

  19. I like your style.
  20. buy her a membership to GC :D

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