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GF dumped me for no reason. heartbroken.,

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by HideYoChurren, Dec 29, 2012.

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    Hey GC... need to vent and talk.

    So, this summer this girl hits me up on FB. we had classes together last year, but never talked much, however we had our eyes on each other i guess, i noticed her often and she did the same. so we began talking, and then dating, then made it official relationship. I didnt date much in HS, so i guess you could say shes my first true love.

    We were dating, everything goes well for like 3 months. we were on good terms, then i hear from a friend that shes breaking up with me, i was shocked, hurt and hoping it wasnt true. shortly after, i get the "we need to talk". so we did, it was about how she "doesnt feel the same 'butterflies' feeling she had when we first dated". she was losing feelings for me for reasons i dont understand! I treat her like a princess, Dinners, gifts, I text her often and tell her how beautiful she is, I just dont understand it. we talked it out and i guess she came to her senses so she gave me another shot. i stepped up my game, and went all out. I was a textbook BF, theres nothing more i could possibly do to please her.

    We hang out twice since the talk, we even had a little fun last night after i gave her a massage and we watched a movie. Then this morning I get a text "did you really spend that much on my necklace for christmas!?" i said yes, i like you alot and I wanted to get you a nice gift, then immediately after that, i get "_____, ive been thinking" then basically said shed lost the feelings and she tried to get them back and she doesnt like hurting me and she does care about me. she says it was with good intentions if anything (wtf?) and that she doesnt want to lead me on anymore. I did nothing wrong. she doesnt want me to hate her and she hates hurting people (yeah right). theres a lil more dialogue to it, but thats the jist of it, the main point without more bullshit words.

    I said youre watching too many romantic comedies, life is not perfect like that. after some months of dating, the honeymoon phase is over, and it comes and goes. (EXAMPLE= I was obsessed about my car at first, now i calmed down but i still love my car) relationships are something that you work at, you dont just lose a spark and dump someone, you work it out. she chose me, gave me her number, then i ended up loving her and now she dont want me. its kinda cruel, you wanted me, got me, now you dont want me.. i said i would change anything, she said its not like that. its just her feelings. I said my emotions are not a joke or a game, this really hurts bad its like physical pain if not worse.

    I was so shocked and heartbroken, Im fine now I suppose. still hurt and betrayed but ill have to get over it one way or another. out of desperation i said "if you ever change your mind, come back" and she said shed consider it, but now thinking back she doesnt deserve my second chance. oh and she still wants to be friends. yeah right, i also considered that but im not some idiot with low enough self respect to still be friends with her after this.

    Shes gunna find a guy who treats her like shit, then shell realize she had a nice guy, and she completely fucked me over. stupid inconsiderate bitch. fucking with my heart.

    shit hurts man.:(

    I thank anyone taking the time to read this.

    thoughts? ideas? much appreciated
  2. Atleast you got to have her for the time you did. I was just lead on and thought everything was going good. But to my dismay she was just leading me on like all the other guys. :/
    So I feel ya man, just stay strong and start worrying about yourself more. Maybe she'll want you back but dont expect her to.
  3. Sorry it happens..
  4. Unfortunately girls are like that. Story of my life man. They get bored and want to find some excitement elsewhere. In the end you can't force things; if it's not what both people want then it's pointless.

    Just be happy she didn't cheat on you, at least she had the decency to be honest ;)
  5. get that damn necklace back.
  6. You seem to be ok now with what happened ... So, you see, it was purely her loss ... You proceed to now live better and happier ... Others usually just have a 'guest appearance' in our lives ...

    Just have a good time ... Move your ass and keep living ... Much love to you man ... You sound awesome! :)
  7. "I treat her like a princess"

    this might have been the problem. but thats how every bitch is, they treat you the worst when you put them on a pedestal.
  8. I don't think you're in the clear till at least 3 months has gone. Sorry to hear my man, but there will definitely be more romance for you to come. Chalk it up to experience.

    Women need to be interested, and being a textbook boyfriend might not be enough. It's a tough game but don't treat it like such a burden, take the bull by its horns next time.
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    sorry brotha. it seems like you got the gist of it with your last couple sentences, she seems like a bitch haha... you tried your hardest, and she wasn't feeling it i guess... she also seems a bit immature. she shouldn't have given you that second chance in the first place, it just fucked with you more.

    btw, you sure she was faithful?

    edit: listen to this song. it will only work if you are hammered drunk

  10. fuckin women.
  11. Youre supposed to ignore her, and treat her badly, it always works, but the ignoring her works, dont be mean, if u ignore her they try to appease you

  12. It's true, catering to broken personalities is really the only way your gonna make a relationship last, always leave her wanting more.
  13. I would like to add that she was definetly faithful during, i mean id never know but she is definetly not the type to cheat, shit i could barely even get her to do it and i was her BF
  14. Oh shit, she was a prude too, this just keeps getting worse.

  15. You clearly dont have much experience..if you love each other, why in the fuck would you ignore her? I can see after she dumps you,yes..but if youre talking about during the relationship you couldnt be more false.

  16. LOL thanks for the laugh, ya see, she got me this very nice watch for christmas, and i plan on keeping it so she can have the necklace. haha
  17. the part that gets me though, is that she basically asked me out, used me and threw my ass aside. fucking rough. i didnt even ask for all this
  18. Shit happens, sonny.

    Just keep truckin'.
  19. ^ to put it frankly, i guess so.

    i also am experiance extreme disgust at any relationships i see, on tv, in life, i guess thats normal.
  20. That's why you can't love these hoes, bruh

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