Gettysberg, PA

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  1. Anyone in Gettysburg? I am visiting for several days and was looking for a local who could help. :wave:
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    HA! :laughing:
  3. Im sure I can help! First, you must visit the battlefield before you visit the cemetery. If you a ghost person, try to spend the night on the battlefield.

    Hope this helps! :wave:
  4. Cool! Yeah we went to big round top at night and heard stones being stacked. Scared the crap out of us. Of course the people I tell say it was guys in the woods banging stones together. haha Hey, question, how can i get a small amount local hook up? Seen a guy with some cool dreads but was a bit leary about just asking some stranger on the street. Thanks for any help my fellow smokers!!!
  5. Just ask around, because you cant get it here. Hookups arent allowed
  6. gotcha, thanks for the help.

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