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Getting your friend high for the first time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rs420, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Hello GC, i'm going to my friend's house tomorrow. We always get high but he always ditches out. I mean he's had a hit or so of a dank blunt but never got high. How do i go about teaching him to smoke my bong? Likes tips or stuff to tell him cuz it's pretty hard to describe something i've become routine to do.
  2. Tell him "Put your mouth here and suck, then take a deep breath."
  3. If he's not an idiot than just show him once or twice and he should be able to pick it up. Just make sure to tell him never to blow into it and to always cough outside the bong.

    Also use the perfect amount of water or less. Some first-timers overcompensate for drag and cough.
  4. Ha, well I suppose:
    1. I would tell him to light it, but not to much that you cant handle the hit.
    2. pull out the bowl and pull the smoke up
    3. Hold the smoke in 5-7 seconds or something
    4. repeat until you feel "amazing" ?


    Get him a good movie or something.
  5. Haha alright thanks. Cuz he's watched me and his brother burn but he just doesn't get it i think. But anyways we'll get How High (my fave), Harold and Kumar (1 not the second), or Grandma's Boy. And just tell him to hit it, not blow into the bong, maybe add some ice, and have him hold it for 5 seconds then also repeat til EUPHORIA
  6. Yeah, As long as he is in a safe, and friendly environment for his first high he will be okay. I understood the bong before I even used one, but I can see how some people would get confused. I would just go threw it with him one time slow. So he can watch you. Then I would give it to him and tell him what to do if he is still confused. Such as "okay take the bowl out and pull it up bro"

    He will do fine. Take it easy.
  7. Tell him not to milk it.

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