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getting your bud back

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StateofReverie, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I'm sure everyone has gotten ripped off before when it comes to buying bud. Well, I just got 4g for 80$ that was supposed to be 10g for 80$. The shit is dank, I just got almost nothing of it.

    I am going to attempt to reclaim my bud tomorrow. Have any of you guys gotten ripped off, but got your bud back after confronting your dealer? How does this usually go for other people?

    edit: FUCK its my 666th post. I don't think tomorrow is gonna go too well anymore
  2. I don't mean to flame or anything but how did you manage that? Did the guy give you 4g and drive off or did you not look at it? What's up?
  3. Haha at the 666 post reference. Just so ya know.
    "In Chinese culture, however, sixes are believed to mean success and good fortune."

    It usually goes pretty well when confronting dealers. Depends on how mature/responsible you and your dealer are. Sometimes dealers just fuck up. I know in times of doing quick deals I was handed the wrong bag and was reimbursed with an extra G for having to hit him up again. If you're a good customer and they fuck you over it isn't you that's missing out. He either pays up the weed or he loses a customer which could potentially net him so much more than lets say 40 dollars in weed. You got 4 grams.. In most parts of America that's 80 bucks. I know it isn't what you paid for but at least you got SOMETHING if he is a complete jackass. Don't resort to violence that's for pansies.
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    no. my friend and I pooled up our money to buy an oz and since he knew the guy and it was about an hour drive into the city and we just had a snowstorm, he went to get it without me.

    Then he gave me the bag and was like yo this is 10g. Since I didn't have a scale and since I am a nice person, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Then I just got home and weighed the bud out, barely hits 4g. Was I suprised? Not really. Was I pissed? Yes.

    My friend picked up a quarter from that guy too. Something tells me that it wasn't a full quarter either....but he didn't have a scale to weigh it out. *SIGHS*

    It's not me that I'm worried about, it's my dumbass friend. Im probably gonna tell him that I am going to do the talking because, well, I am more diplomatic with these matters.

    He is an existing customer so either he's been getting ripped off every deal, or what you said happened and it was an honest mistake.

    I just hope it was a simple misunderstanding and things will be cleared up tomorrow
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    Someone else said this but it's what I would do. Call or text him and be like "hey man so when i picked up the stuff it looked a little light so when I got home I weighed it just to be sure and it came up real short, like 6 grams short, next time i buy will you hook it up." he'll know he got caught and will try to fix it if hes smart because he won't want to lose a customer.

    Also if it's dank then 10gs for 80 bucks is a steal.. usually when it sounds to good to be true it is but dealers will generally rip of the people they know they can rip off (the ones who don't complain, the ones who don't got scales, or noobs)
  6. Yeah man just keep your head on straight and let us know how it goes. I'm sure a lot of people want to know how you handle it and others can learn from the situation. :)
  7. ya I am gonna be using the position "why do you want to rip me off when you could make money off of me?"

    Even if they have a gun, which my friend said it's the kind of part of town that would have guns, I would just say that killing me would be a complete hassle to cover up, and plus why kill me when you can make money off of me?

    And after they realize their mistake either because they are caught or it was just an honest mistake, I will ask "to give the rest of it back" instead of saying "6gs". That way it gives him the freedom to toss in a little extra for his mistake, to see a taste of his true character.
  8. Shits gunna be real weird if you come at him like that trust me. Just play it cool and give him a chance to make up for it by being like 'are you gunna hook me up next time i buy from you'. then see what he says and what happens and go from there.
  9. well i just wanted to buy once during my school break...annoying to keep dealing with this T_T and then I will be in college so I wont even buy from him for like another month so he will prolly forget about me by then
  10. your dealer will tell you he'll get you next time, everytime
  11. man the dealer is sitting lovely smoking a fat 6 gram blunt probably eating expensive sushi and sashimi with profit money from crooked deals . . .
  12. Yea man don't make a big deal out of it. It's a little trick dealers like to do to see if they can get away with it because it is very profitable and it works. Once they know they can't do that shit to you they straighten out.
  13. someone make a poll to predict if he gets his work back
  14. I like my chances tbh
  15. quoting this just so I am not tempted at deleting or editing that post. Friend who pooled in with us just told me that he and the other guy are in the city right now (without me!!!) and they are fucking more pissed than me.

    I liked my chances WITH me being there....... :(
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    Don't come at him sideways. Just simply say, "Hey man, that was only 4grams, you said it was 10, I know you probably eyeballed it, we all do it, but what's good with that 6 grams?"

    So I repeat, do not come at him sideways, you don't understand how disrespectful the way you want to approach him is.
  17. Is OP dead?
  18. you guys dont understand, I can't do anything about dumbass friends might have fucked this whole thing up because I didn't go with them
  19. they're not dumbasses, they're good friends.
  20. they mean well, but they have acted impulsively and are acting out of anger

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