Getting with a friend's ex

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  1. it depends on the friend i guess. i personally don't give a fuck if one of my friends takes my sloppy seconds ;)
  2. it would just be weird
  3. Depends on the friend, how long they dated, how long ago they broke up, why they broke up, ect

    In most cases I'd say hell no though.
  4. Theres way to many factors to make a general statement on this but I'm gonna say just don't do it
  5. I wouldn't want someone to do it to me so I wouldn't do it to them..
  6. I've done it an friends have done it to me. It usually isn't right after but I always ask if they are cool with it, if they say no then I don't even fuck with the girl.
  7. definitely not ok
  8. Hit it, quit it, deny deny deny.
  9. Not cool dont be that guy

  10. Yeah this, there's a lot of factors to consider here.

    There's a serious difference between dating someone that your kind-of-friend was fucking around with for a few weeks and dating someone that your very best friend in all of ever was in a serious relationship with for a billion years and is still hopelessly in love with. :p
  11. you will look like a dog begging for scraps.
  12. I beat the shit out of one of my best friends for this. What really was he talked so much shit about her when i dated her, then we break up and they date. And the dumb fuck wasn't smart enough to realize that she was just trying to piss me off.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. I dunno why people say it's not cool, it's not like your fucking your buddy's current GF, the broke up. That means they're both back on the market. It's kinda like trying to have your cake and eat it too.
  15. i would get mad as fuck if one of my friends got with my ex. i guess it would depend on how strongly i felt about her.
  16. That's just immature though. She's your ex, you're no longer with her, you're probably fuckin other chicks, so why should you get to say who goes out with her.

    It's a fuckin' highschool attitude.
  17. It breaks every bro code. Only if you really liked her.
  18. I'd probably be weirded out getting with a friend's ex, and I'd expect my friends not to, but diff situations are different

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