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  1. I was riding around with a buddy smoking a blunt when we decided to buy another wrap. So I walked into a crowded gas station on Friday night and eventually made my way to the register to buy a cigar. Everyone in there was giving me strange looks, and the gas station attendant told me at first he would not sell me a cigar. I asked him why and he just ended up selling it to me anyway. As I turned around and walked out I looked down and saw my quarter of dank hanging halfway out my jacket pocket.....There were two security officers in the gas station....we got the fuck outta there hah.
  2. Lol at least nobody stole it from u I would say to everybody " yeah i smoke weed gotta a problem with that !?"

  3. No you wouldn't. :p
    But why wouldn't you leave the q in the car if you just smoked a blunt?

  4. probably cause he just smoked a blunt
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    Yes I would, you don't know me.
  6. lmfao, i woulda shat my pants if i looked down and saw that
  7. if anyone asks look them the eyes and tell them you have 3 months to live
  8. Just start ranting about how the CIA wants to control the future.

    They'll leave you alone.
  9. I once went to In-N out burger reeking of sweet herb and was charged the wrong amount for my order twice.
    I immediately knew it was wrong & told the dude so he tried & failed again.
    Told him again & just totaled it up myself.... tried my best to help him understand.... then paid the man & left with my food while the guy that I'm assuming was his boss just stood & watched the whole thing.
    Either he figured I was so stoned I wouldn't even know the difference or he was so freaked by the reek he was too flustered:eek::confused:
    But I dont think him or his boss appreciated someone that was more than likley stoned.... schooling him in Basic addition if that was the case.:confused_2::confused_2:
  10. That is when you start threatening to ass to mouth every last one of them.


    Start with the biggest guy first to gain respect.
  11. Haha I have a much better story about walking blazed into a strip club and seeing my ex girlfriend, but not too many people believe it. Had to actually bring a few of my friends to the club for them to believe me.
  12. tell them you want to create a human centipede and they'll fuck off in a heartbeat

  13. haha I said it just like that in my head then i scrolled down

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