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Getting Urine right for a lab test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dexes, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Well I have a Lab test coming up friday for a probation drug test and I got hammered and smoked around a .4 or so saturday. Prior to that I did not smoke for about 2 weeks and im fairly skinny with a moderate metabolism. It was a really dumb idiot mistake that I made and dont want to go to jail for failing the lab Urine test. I'm looking for a way to dilute more urine and would using vitamin B to make my urine yellow and I've been taking Niacin since monday in about 1000mg doses. Is ther anyway that I can eat a sum of creatine prior to my test to make it impossible for them to now I diluted my urine?
  2. It is pretty obvious to them that you are trying to squew the results if you try those sorts of things. Your best bet is to try synthetic urine, that is if you can get some in time.
  3. Eat lots of red meats to boost creatine levels. Also, have a lot of sex or masturbate a lot because that can raise creatine levels too.

    Other than that, drink 8 oz the morning of the test. urinate 3 times before you get to the lab. when you are doing the actual test, start collecting pee halfway through your urination.

    Other than that, pray to whatever God or Gods you believe in. Me personally, I pray to Bob Marley.
  4. Honestly, ill bet you'll pass as you are. make your urine semi-diluted (clear with color) and not perfectly clear or yellow and you'll be good. buy a home test and try it on wed or thur to check.

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