Getting to old to smoke alone

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  1. Say what you want you young kids that are young, dumb and full of cum.  It is a pain in the ass to grow old and to some alone.  And know I don't mean I have grown old alone!!!!  Im married and happy but my old man doesn't smoke with me!!!  HE has never smoked weed and never will but has no problem with me smoking it!!!  So not bad arrangement till you get older that is.   Then you are smoking alone!  And it gets old.  When your young no problem because normally you have friends who smoke with you and keep you involved.  Well when you get older and you have moved as many times in life as I have, because of the military,  you get to the point where you smoke more and more alone.  You might be involved where you smoke nice amount with friends but as time goes by friends past on and it gets old smoking alone.  Now here is my question to the older generatinons.  What do you do????

  2. I smoke alone the majority of the time and I'm young. I listen to music, meditate, eat, play games. Just relax basically
  3. Time to break out the imaginary friends again?  :D
    I have lost a few smoking partners over the years myself. I've actually gained a few 20 somethings into my smoke circle. Mainly because they are the best connects around here. Always invite them to stay and have a bowl when they hook me up. Gotten to be good friends with a couple of them. Despite the almost 30 years difference between us. You may have a hard time finding folks our age to smoke with. Most of them have moved on to the preventive pharmaceuticals and pot seems to interfere with that. So I guess do like I did. Adopt your connection if he's a youngster. Or at least try to use that contact to locate other smokers. Of course if you are a grower you probably don't need a connect and all this advice was wasted. But it's ok. I wasn't that busy anyway.  :)  
  6. get a cat. 
  7. Ah, I see. Well, that happens in life once you get older. All you can do is keep the memories and try to make some new friends. There's tons of cool people out there you can smoke with and make even more memories with, just takes awhile to find those right people sometimes.

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  8. I always thought it was weird when people would tell me they never smoke alone...
    I usually smoke alone, more relaxing for me I get really quiet when I;m baked with people and have social anxiety and shit
  9. Ah yes. The longer you stay, the more that leave before you. But if I live another 20 years, God and body willing, I may be looking back on these days as the good old days. So that's why I try to treat them that way now. Pardon me if that was a little Zenful.
  10. I hear you OP... I'm in the same boat. I smoke very regularly, but my man doesn't smoke at all. Sometimes it gets a little boring :( I have a couple smoke buddies but us getting together doesn't happen as often as I'd like.

    Some days I love being alone, some days it kinda sucks.
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    you probably got yourself into a routine for smoking alone
    -pack bowl
    -go inside
    -make munchies
    -watch tv/internet
    -jack off cock
    -fall asleep

    it gets old pretty fast lol. throw a cupla bad bitches in therr

    jk but you should find somewhere more local to smoke, thats not heatscore, you might have somebody pass by that would like a puff that may be close to your age.

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  12. I know  what you mean.  Some times yea you want to be alone and smoke alone but there are other times you just miss the interaction of your friends you use to smoke with. 
    In last year alone Ive lost 14 friends ranging in age from 22 to 54, some to car accidents and disease's others to heart attacks and one to a gator attack, that isn't counting a lot of others I have lost in past 5 years.  It just gets at times to be a pain in ones ass to get older.  Now don't take that the wrong way at least im still here.  But the older one gets the more you start missing the old times.  So yea call me an old fart if you want!!!   But I am old enough to know better AND still young enough to do it all over again only better this time around!!!
    Will be happy when the warmer weather gets here and then I will get more active again.  I have some good friends here and we make sure we get together and do things.  Such as horseshoe tourneys, pig pickens, oyster roast's, jet skiing, parasaling, taking out the trikebuggy and go for a glide, fishing, shrimping, camping out on the island in the waterway having a blast smoking, cooking and drinking.  Nothing like catching your own fish, shrimp, crab so forth and have it cooking 5 min after you have caught it!!!
    But it does get old growing older and losing your smoking buddies over the years.  So hang onto you friends tight and let them know how much they mean to you because you never know when they might not be there any more as time goes by.
  13. Im very sorry to hear that! Sorry for your losses! ♥ That is the one thing in life im scared of most, losing people who are close to me.

    You sound like a really fun woman!! :)
  14. Thanks.  It does hurt losing close friends and family but you get by and in time it gets easier but that doesn't mean you miss them any less.  I like to stay active and normally do just during the winter months things slow down some.  Still get together with friends and raise some hell when we can.  Was raised to always try new things.  You never know when you will try something new and find out you really love it.  And if you don't then never do it again.  I actually have a fear of heights but some of the best fun I have had in my life is parasailing and taking the trikebike out for a glide.  Just because one has a fear of it doesn't mean they cant and wont do it.  It scares the hell out of me every time I go up but once up there I have such fun I get it over it.
  15. shit im only 26 and i prefer to smoke by myself than with others
  16. The smoke goes farther and last longer by oneself but still miss hanging with the old friends and getting baked!!!
  17. well im halfway to 68 ;) an ive bn smokin for 20 stretch everyday almost for a good 18 years an yes if ur lucky enuff to get older (ive been more than lucky considering contracting menningitis 3 times brain surgery twice a major car crash and fell 140 feet off a scaffolding ) but back to the ? as u get older smoking alone just the way it is associates come an go real friends are always ther u just see less of each other but wen i smoke my girl whos ten years younger gets high from passive smokin gigglin like hell aha but bein a scaffolder im always hiiiiigghhh

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  18. so i guess what im trying to say is no matter what happens just get high its done me great upto now :D

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  19. I smoke alone normally. I'm also happy drinking alone, too. Some people tell me I'm not old, but I ain't buy'n into it.

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