getting to amsterdam from UK

Discussion in 'General' started by gretchen, Jun 24, 2001.

  1. hello, am thinking of going to amsterdam from the uK this summer & was wondering what the cheapest way of getting there would be...
    anyone know?
    thanks anyway

  2. Im going at the end of July and I found travel on the Internet for £60 Return on train and ferry and I have still to book accomadation for me and my six mates. If I cant get ne where to stay Ill still go as Ive heard the VVV at the station is very good at finding last minute accomadation.
  3. that sounds good, wheres that travelling from?
    you don't still know the url of where you found that do you?
  4. easyjet evey time...
    i live in newcastle and flew from liverpool..
    i set off from home at 11 am
    2.5hr drive
    1 hr check in
    1.5 hr flight
    1hr through customs and train to central station
    10min walk to coffee shop

    I was smoking the best weed at 17.10

    book well in advance and you can get if for the pricely sum of
    45 Quid RETURN

    believe it look here
  5. in my stonned state i firgot how to type the most important part

    sorry fellas

    ps need anything else just ask
  6. i agree i always book everything over the net and i havent had a problem. easy jet
  7. yay!
    i dunno if i can afford to go any more :(
    but i'll definitely check out easyjet

    thank you :)

  8. The cheapest way is to win the cannaquiz, It will only cost you $4.20 , - or $5 if you put a $5 bill into an envelope and post it off. (no hassle with coins )

    The next Cannaquiz starts on September 01. 2001. and click on the cannaquiz,
    follow onscreen instructions for registration. (The dates on the site still need to be updated, it is still for the first quiz) But dont worry there is a cannaquiz 2.

    Oh and that is $4.20 for Flights, hotel, meals, capochinos, a bit of site seeing, AND ALL THE BEST WEED AND HASH THAT YOU CAN SMOKE + MORE,

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