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  1. So I finally got an update on my order today just arrived here and it's gonna be at my front door tomorrow. Pretty excited! I live in hawai'i so I ordered on the 23rd of Jan and getting it on Feb 11th(Tomorrow) A few things I was worried about grasscity was that if you're gonna just grab something "small" expect to get your package late, because you only get Registered Mail(Choice of a tracking # or no Tracking #), or EMS if you spend 300 or more off their site. The reason i'm going over this was that their was some impatient people talking about "it's Grasscity's fault" and yes sometimes it is their fault. But more importantly it's the shipping method you choose and what day you got it shipped. Once they ship your order, that's it! the waiting game starts lol Until it reaches usps customs, since your order has no delivery date it ends up on the last things to do list. First class, EMS are the first to leave customs. So your order could actually might be stuck in a room under a pile of mail and usps will get to it when they can. Since this is usps job to give us our order grasscity has nothing to do with it so when you ask on support they just tell you "wait" btw if anyone wants to know what I ordered, I got glasscity's turbine wheel to turbine disk peice. Oh how tomorrow is gonna be soo much fun ;)

  2. show us the photo of the baby you got

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