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- Getting things for free while high? BEST FEELING EVER.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EddieNashton, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. OH MY GOD. I just smoked and went outside [i live in NYC] to go buy food. Holy fuck. Just went to Checkers and they gave me a fucking POUND of CHICKEN NUGGETS. YES.
    Triple Bacon Cheeseburger
    Seasoned Fries
    POUND of Chicken Nuggets
    Large Orange Soda

    FUCK YES. Thank god for New York having these food places open so late within walking distance.

    Have you ever had any 'freebies' from food places or anywhere while high? I swear it's the greatest feeling ever lol
  2. My buddies car broke down outside a tacobell... and while we were waiting for someone to pick us up, the taco bell people gave us like 20 bucks worth of food... Couple xxl chillupas(Sp?) and a crunchwrap supreme and some other small shit.... it was great.
  3. nope.. never. Food places poison the left overs before they even throw it out so hobos cant even eat. sad
  4. Hell yeah when theyre about to close it rules.

    I went to breckenridge CO this winter to snowboard and one day we got hungry and got some food at the bottom of the mountain. I just ordered some fries and the guy asked me if I wanted some chicken fingers too. I said sure cause I had already paid so I figured they'd be free. I got 13 chicken fingers for free, best midboarding snack ever.
  5. I like to steal from walmart when I'm high. Ever just walk out with their 5 pound bucket of assorted chicken foods? That always gives me a nice feeling.
  6. one time I got a free coupon for a free combo...didn't even have to purchase anything (for the coupon) but the lady gave it to me and said "because you're a kind person" or something like that haha
  7. The year I started getting high, I passed around houses on Halloween with my friends, completely baked. Let me tell you it was a whole lot of fun.
  8. My local taco bell holds out the hot sauce even after I ask for it so yeah you get the idea of how much "free" stuff id get from them and why is it that fast food joints sometimes short you but you never get the surprise of an extra burger? Madness.
  9. How is Breckenridge? :cool:
  10. [quote name='"Bundermeyer"']
    How is Breckenridge? :cool:[/quote]

    Man it was something else. That was my first time out west and it was pretty epic. I loved it the mountain is HUGE, compared to the stuff around me. Four peaks and millions of chairlifts plus the town was so cool. I really recommend it.

    Attached Files:

  11. Wow man, this makes me really want to go. I'm not too far away, just will have to get money for the trip. Thanks, I am now inspired to go!
  12. I'm so jealous if you're close. It wasn't that bad price wise. For the lift ticket for 4 days and the hotel for 5 days and the plane ticket out there and back was 1300. Those pics suck big time and don't even come close to doing it justice.
  13. I went to pick up pizza once and the lady forgot to take my card and handed me all the food (good amount, it was for a group of people) and had I just spaced out and thought I paid like she did I would have left, but I felt way too guilty knowing I didn't pay not to say anything so I said "I don't think you ran my card" and she she actually laughed at me and was like "you don't want free food? We're so busy I thought I took it. Oh well don't worry about it but thanks for being honest" and then ran off because I guess they were short staffed or something.

    Good day for sure.
  14. I dont wanna live in your world :cool: :smoking:
  15. high as shit reeking of bud, favorite tacobell worker comes up, says you look like you need this, he smiled then handed over a huge plate of nachos belgrande
  16. I drove thru the taco bell drive thru in my 76 Malibu. The cashier liked my car so much that he just gave me the food. Lol. Thanks dude.
  17. Fuck yeah freebies are the best haha, There's this one drive through worker that just totally looks like a stoner he just has the look. So one day i'm just ordering some food and i pull around to pay for it and my car reeks of bud and there's smoke floating around and the dude just hands me the bag and says "Enjoy your shit bro" so i go to hand him my card and he told me it was cool. Still to this day when i see that guy he gives me some kind of freebie.
  18. My fiance once got four big boxes from Taco Bell for free. Drinks and all.
  19. one time me and my friends went to wendies late as fuck. we asked for waters and they gave us soda, plus 4 free large fries, plus 4 free 1/4 lb burgers or w/e they call em. only time i ever got free fast food. we were all high as fuck too lol
  20. This thread is pure awesomeness.

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