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Getting these urges when i get high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by buddders, May 11, 2010.

  1. hey guys, everytime i get high i get these urges. I just keep wanting to buy stuff! like if im online, ill just want to buy every little thing i see that seems interesting..

    like when i smoke the weed makes me not care.. so i dont care about my money when im high.

    everytime i get high i seem to spend about 40 bucks on ebay or something stupid like that!!!!!

    its addicting stuff, buying is what i mean. and if im somwhere high, and i have 100 bucks in my pocket, itll be gone like asap.

    idk i just get these strong urges and dont care if i spend..

    any one else have the problems?

    well lets look at the bright side, i got a grinder on the way+cigarret wrapper and tons of other little goodies!! lol :p
  2. dude i have never heard anybody having an urge to by stuff while high, that is really fucking strange. try locking your computer or hiding it or something while high.
  3. Buy weed? idk
  4. I get that when I go grocery shopping high. I end up buying like 20 things when I go there for like one or two things.
  5. Man I know exactly what you mean, wanting to just buy an entire store. It's even worse being addicted to buying glass. Buying glass pipes that is. I have cut down my spending in general and of glass especially. It's something you have to get past if you want to be able to be high whenever.
  6. why am i urged to eat thes doritoss
  7. Whenever I'm stoned, I just want to bust a nut on anybody I see.

    It's a blessing and a curse, really...

  8. same here is more of a course then a blessing, even the ugly chicks look bomb :eek:
  9. It's really all in the back of your mind. Then when you get high that mental block of not spending money on all the shit you want is gone. I mean there is a better way to explain it but that's all I got for you right now. When I get high I'm all about having a good time and buying awesome shit equals having a good time in my mind.
  10. I think a lot of people buy stupid shit while they are high.

    Marijuana impairs your judgement :D
  11. i have this problem too. i often find myself a few days before my next paycheck wondering where all my money went, but not being able to remember what i spent it on. i dont really mind it because its just like skimo said, whatever i'm spending it on is worth it for a good time.
  12. Give it to me, I'll hide it from you :)
  13. #13 Acid Raindrops, May 11, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 11, 2010
    Dude, why do you think infomercials are on late night? They know all the stoners are sitting at the T.V. doing bong rips before they go to bed.

    "OHHH NOO WAY!! If I buy this stainless steel hunting knife for only [small text]50 payments[/small text] of NINE NINETY NINE, I also get a katana with a carrying bag!?!!?!?"
  14. Everytime I get high, Like really, really, Fuckin high. I have these urges. Some may think "WTF" or "I see where you're going with this". But anyways,

    I just get these urges to, to, ugh, to draw many, many pictures of dicks. i don't know what it is. Happy Dick, Wendys Dick(lol), and Andy Dick. I don't know what it is. I think I've been watching too much Superbad.
  15. LOL i do this too, OP

    many late nights i've spent on Amazon... slickdeals... etc... luckily I'm super with budgeting my $$ and finding deals so if its not a good deal, i never wind up buying it

    ie: earlier i was on slickdeals and found some awesome bargains on a leather ipad case for my friend for $16.. and a pair of Oakland Raider's women's slippers for like $10... not bad..

    i love shopping online when i'm high :D

  16. yay. im not alone!! lol fuck me!! i just bought like 3 pieces for my friends!!!
  17. lol wow. I guess weed can influence you to do stuff you wouldnt normally. But thats crazy.
  18. A few times I've woken up the next day and gone thru my email and been like, "wait, I bought what!?"

    Luckily I'm smart enough to not spend money I don't have though - its only ever something small like a book or a t-shirt or something.

    I've gone on retarded mini shopping sprees while high though - once I bought a crapload of different kinds of incense off amazon... i just love getting packages in the mail :D

  19. I draw some gnarly ass dicks dude :devious:
  20. Lmfao I do the EXACT same thing.

    Me sober: Kay guys, I have $60 for tomorrow, let's buy a quarter.
    Me stoned: (calls pizza place) I'D LIKE AN XL PIZZA, FRIES, CHICKEN WINGS, AND SOME SPRITE. (lady on phone) That'll be $50.00.

    My money fucking disappears. I always buy food, I need to start hiding my money from my stoned self.

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