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Getting That Newbie High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OGSlice, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. For someone who will take breaks on occassion, but usually ends up smoking daily for months in a row.. what do you suggest is a good length of time for t break, for someone who wants to get HIGH as a mother. Im talking, high like when you first smoked weed high. :smoking:
  2. Three days and nights :smoke:

  3. Ahh so we have one who says three days. Do i hear another?
  4. ^^lol wat? im stoned:poke:

  5. He wants more peoples input.. :eek:

  6. tl; dr: How many days do i need to stop smoking for, in order to get as high as i did when i first smoked da ganja?
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    In all honesty, you'll probably never get that newbie high again. Part of the reason, at least for me, that you get so high the first time is because you don't know what to expect and are super-responsive to everything. Even if you don't have a physical tolerance, you're always going to have a mental one because you know what to expect from smoking bud.

    BUT if you take a month long t-break, you'll get stoned as fuck. May not be a newbie high, but you'll get pretty stoned.

  8. You never get as high as that first joint, but a 'holiday' can last up to 6 weeks or until ya grow room starts

  9. Three me.
  10. I suppose your right, forgot about the "mental" tolerance. Its just crazy though cause ive gone a few weeks without and almost though like wow... i forget what it feels like to literally be stoned. But then the high takes over and ya know :)

    But what i want to know is, will the 3-day break be comparable at all or the same as taking a week break, month break?
  11. exercise and toke up while you are still out of breath.

    I used to toke up immediately after a cross country race in high school. it felt like my first high every time. lol

    but if you want to take a break, idk...maybe a month. ive heard being healthier on your break will lower your tolerance more.
  12. Just take a nice week off the ganj and I am sure as hell you will get blazed, and of course you should be smoking danks, if possible.
  13. 2 weeks is prime
  14. 2-3 weeks, then you will fly.
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  15. Use a flush that gets rid of all the thc in your system, then who gives a fuck how long you wait?

  16. Man i'm from cali. There's nothing BUT dank bud here. :smoke:

    It seems like 1-2 weeks is the average. Im sure it wont hurt to speed up the thc release with a little exercise. And that running thing sounds awesome, i guess if you combine the serotonin release, that muscle cooldown, etc. the ganja just multiplies that feeling :eek:
  17. HONESTLY if you REALLY want to reset you're tolerance, a full year will not cut it, and when you start smoking again you will too quickly regain that old tolerance.

    TWO FULL YEARS is how to really do it, and RESET it.....

    I've never done, but if you're serious, you have to....

    Not that I suggest it yet....

  18. lol idk about a full reset, but i dont think two years is necessary thats kind of extreme o_O

    To be honest i smoked a blunt with a friend after taking a month and a half break and it was similar to my first time. Not as intense because it is more familiar, but what im looking for. However im interested in what people suggested and as you can see ive gotten from 3 days to 2 years so...


  19. Getting the THC out of your system has nothing to do with tolerance. You need time to let your receptors recharge
  20. For me to get super super stoned I need to not smoke for 3-4 months.

    Like that 1 dude said you need to wait years to get to that nooby highness.

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