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getting stoned through your car vents TPB

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mepawnu, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I was watching trailer park boys the other day and they were going to go to the US and they wanted to bring some weed so Ricky decided to put his weed in the hood of the car and said it will work like a vaporizer and get you high on the way.

    im no car expert but i think it could work what do you guys think?:smoke:
  2. Unfourtunately that could never work sorry.

  3. what are you, 4?:p
  4. weed is my religion and trailer park mythos is my bible, its true it does work;)
  5. On TPB they used fake weed first off.

    Second off I can't see how this would work. The vapor point of weed is around 200 degrees Celsius I believe with the optimal temperature of between 180-190 degrees Centigrade. The standard operating temperature of a vehicle, even one as busted down as Ricky's New Yorker (88 I think) is between 80-100 degrees. If you get close to or over 100 degrees Centigrade your engine is over heating and needs to be turned off.

    If you some how magically hit 190 degrees Centigrade and your motor hadn't exploded, you would now be faced with getting the vapor from the engine compartment into the vehicle. Normally vehicles use an air intake at the front of the vehicle, forcing cleaner colder air into the system.

    If you tackled the problem of getting the vapor from the engine (which would have died long ago) into the ventilation system and the vapor passed through the filters unchanged then yes you could get stoned.

    The only way I could see this working is if you had a vaporizer hooked up to the ventilation system and you hotboxed your car. You might even be able to make some sort of system that runs a vape off the engine and use the car as a stationary vaporizer. However throwing weed onto the engine block and hoping to get stoned would not work.

    Why is this in seasoned tokers?
  6. haha its only a joke chill
  7. I am personally chill. Hopefully I provided some info.

    I was pointing out this might be better suited in a different sub forum.

    What is with the hostility. Calling someone 4 is not appropriate. He asked a question about a popular TV show. If you can't provide a helpful answer to his question and can only attack him maybe you shouldn't post anything. Try being helpful to people asking innocent questions instead of increasing your post count with useless comments.
  8. get proved wrong
    say only joking

  9. noob havent been proved wrong yet, go try it

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