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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Maynard420, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. okay i am not rich so im not gonna buy some kind bud seeds. im just planning on planting some bagseeds. now i know im supposed to break up a the soil before planting but should i also get rid of ALL plant material a couple feet around my grow spot. like even just plain old grass? i also plan on taking good care of this thing so can i get it to be actually better than the weed that the seeds came from? i will have human hair everywhere to keep animals away. i also want to know how much fertilizer helps, and can i just use something plane like miracle grow? or do some fertilizers hurt our precious plants. please list as many as possible if some do. the spot i plan on growing in will get plenty of sunlight and since im in missouri climates wont change too much and it should have ample rainfall. one last question thoe if i let them germinate in a small decomposable pot and just put that in the ground will they have a better chance to survive?

    p.s. since it is late in the spring there is no chance of any more frost
  2. read the guide below it'll help you, yu'll need to do a lot of homework on it first, and not too good an idea with the human hair, if it's yours or anyone you know, the police can do a dna test on it.........Peace out........Sid

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