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  1. I bought a 4x8 Light House grow tent and 6 mars 300w LED lights .
    I have clones I got from a friend , the plants/clones were in rough shape.
    Looks like they will survive..

    658.00 invested so far.

    I will be investing into seeds in a few days.

    I have never used clones before and thinking I wished went with seeds instead of clones to start off with..
    My plants will be from seeds on my next planting season ....................
    Been reading a MJ grow book, I will be buying more grow stuff for the plats/grow tent .
    I will try to keep track of the total investment..

    I am expecting to either building myself garage or buying a place out in the country so I have more room to grow .
    The house I own now is a little small for growing 12 MJ plants in.
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  2. Buying a house in the country to grow 12 plants. Wow lol, a rich mans hobby? That 658 investment is gonna skyrocket lol
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  3. Did you get light house lite or pro? I have the cheap light house light, 4x4. Is terrible for pinholes expecially around duct holes and light through zippers. Have had to buy a few blankets to wrap around it.
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  4. Why do you want seeds instead of using clones? With a clone you're guaranteed a female genetic duplicate. There is no guarantee on females with seeds.

    Perhaps you're just looking for different varieties over what your buddy gave you? I can understand that but other than that clones are great and you should learn to make your own.

  5. Clones vs seeds
    The clones I got were in rough shape , pretty sure I got them to cold one night too.
    So far all the clones have survived , but only 3 out 12 have taken off and will be transplanting those 3 today .

    From my understanding seeds seem to grow faster and stronger compared to clones ..
    I don't know for sure , I know I don't want to be waiting on clones or seeds anymore and want back up seeds just incase all 12 don't survive.

    Really don't want to be dependent on other people to supply me clones and not have anything growing in my grow tent without some kind of back up plan as in a delay getting clones and then getting in unhealthy clones ...

    Sitting here without clones or seeds for a few weeks sucked , then getting sick clones and then me putting them into shock didn't help , and at one point I was ready to germinate new seeds then bring sick plants to life over a 20 day period.

    I don't want blame anyone but me ,, and that is the main reason I want 20 or 30 seeds of decent strains of MJ stashed just in case I screw up again ...
  6. That's all fine - but once you get your seeds - and find the varieties you really enjoy - and then grow them, sex them and weed out the males - you will want to take your own cuttings (clones) from the female varieties you like.

    Clones do not grow any slower than seeds - and will be exact duplicates, and the same sex of the plants you take the cuttings from.

    It's very easy to do - you are going to want to learn how to clone.

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  7. Super easy to do... I just use jiffy pellets, water, and a few CFL's and that is it... takes 1-3 weeks depending on the strain and boom clones... it's convenient if you don't want to buy seeds or use bagseeds.... also you can take the clones before flip so by harvest you have plants that are pretty much ready to flower.
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