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  1. OK, so this isn't my first time growing, but it's my first time growing indoors, and the first time i'm actually going to try. I've taken notes and read forums and sites and grow guides and i'm a little confused by all the information i've received.

    I've picked the space, it's a larger closet(about 6 ft lg, 3 ft wd, and 8 feet tl.). I've read that lining the space with a reflective surface to spread the light is a good idea, so i'm going to line the walls with tin foil. However, i've only heard this when using a hps bulb. The hps are kinda pricy, and i figure a 600 watt hps would be good for maybe 4 plants. I am on a tight budget and don't want a huge professional operation going, so is there a better bulb i could use? i was looking at the gro-lux 20 or 40 watt Verilux trubloom. would two of these bulbs be good for 4 plants?

    My next question is the soil. I understand that i should find a soil with a 6.5 to 7.5 ph balance, and with some ingrediant to soak up water(like sand). What is a good formula soil to use? I also am curious about what kind of nutrients and fertz i should use.

    My last question is how do i tell when my plants are ready to be harvested. I've heard of several ways to tell, but i want to know what other growers look for.

    Thanks for the help everyone! look forward to hearing your feedback.
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    Skip the tin foils for sure. Paint flat white or use mylar.

    A 600w HID for 4 plants is PERFECT IMO.

    For soil I use Pro-MIX here is the dealer locator.

    Your plants will be ready when they are ready and the best way to tell is to examine the trichromes under a magnifier. I along with many others use this

    SEARCH the absolute beginners areas on how to identify the trichomes as well as GOOGLE.

    For nutrients I use FOXFARM trio pack, there are TONS of others.

    ONE THING you didnt mention was VENTILATION. You are going to need it CAN-FAN or Vortex both work amazing. MAP out your grow with something like MS Paint so you can get an idea. You will also need something for the smell like a carbon filter. Check out my carbon filter in the sig below. You could also check out my setup for ideas on setting up your circuits.

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