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getting sick

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GrEeN lEaF cUz, May 23, 2004.

  1. well im feeling under the wheather and i was just wondering did anyone ever blaze when they were sick for instance did anyone ever blaze while like having the flu. cuz i dont feel good im coufing and feel liek i gotta throw up. i was wondering or could it just be what they call in my area the "greens" when u smoke to much??? well idk plz respond to me thankz
  2. smoking when you have the flu can be helpful because it can relieve naseau and raise your hunger so your body will get more nutrients to be well again, and i find if you feel like shit, and smoke up, you just feel great and even forget that you are sick.
  3. Yeah it depends. Try it out and see how you feel because sometimes you feel worse but most of the time you will feel better. Mostly depends on what you are sick with I think.
  4. iight thankz for the sick and it sucks i might just roll up
  5. I've got an awful phleggmy cold at the moment and my coughing gets worse a few hours after smoking a joint. I've cut down a bit and totally stopped smoking regular cigarettes.
  6. a good example of how it can help you out..... i used to have a bad fuckin cold and smoked it away.....
  7. I'm sick...and I haven't stopped toking yet. I'm pretty blazed now and feel great.....oh but it does aggravatet a you cough a lot man.

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