Getting shrooms what to do and what not to do?

Discussion in 'General' started by BONGZILLA420, May 6, 2006.

  1. Can anyone suggest anything? It's going to be my first time. I weigh 208 and I'm 6'1.
  2. Not sure about amount, but be sure to be in a safe, comfortable place preferably with a sitter or a good friend. Also, if youre depressed or feeling sad, dont take the shroooms cause your whole trip will be bad.

  3. Well, Id say take around an 8th. And Im not sure how much weight makes a difference. So you might wanna take a little more.
  4. an 1/8 should do you nice and fine i am also a kinda big guy so i eat an 1/8 on an empty stomach and get pretty fucked up just relax listen to some trip music
    and you should be just fine and find alot of wonderfull stuff to do just dont watch a scary movie is the only advice i can give you.
  5. I'm sick could this affect my trip?
  6. Im not sure. It probably would make it worse. I would wait til your feelin better
  7. Well, im 5'9 170lbs and i ate over 7 grams and thought i was dead, i would recommend maybe 4grams at the most.. Good luck dude, let us know how it goes..

    Lol, i was sick and i chewed a couple Tylenol's and Robo cough pills..maybe thats why i was alll fukt up ahha

  8. Really?
    I wanted to do some hoping for an uplifting experience...I guess I should stay away for now. Aint like I could find them easily anyway though...
  9. I-Need-$: Yout avatar is hilarious.

  10. Yeah dude it would be totally worth the wait until youre feeling better.
  11. Don't swim in like, the sea.

    Don't, go on a roller coaster.

    Don't go to the moives.

    Go in lik,e, nature.

    Go to like, campfires,

    eat like, fruits,

    bring WATER (pasties HUGE)

    Be prepared for ANYTHING, because if your lucky you will experience things you've never thought possible.

    The most important thing is don't fight the trip, just go along for the ride no matter how intense it is, and it will be amazing!

    Good luck have fun, I'm jelouse.

    Lata alligata.

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