Getting shit together and then losing it

Discussion in 'General' started by SlowMo, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. I'm in one of those stoned mental spaces where I'm being very stoned-hyper. Sativa-like maybe? I dunno.
    So, I've been doing an organizing trip - a stoned efficiency tangent - a put that shit in order ya goofy fuck kind of tangent.
    So I'm getting into it and making all my shit available so when I'm stoned and surveying my kingdom, I can say to myself, "hey - I think I know where that annotated Maxwell's Equations mindfuck thing probably is". And then get that wonderful rush when the motherfucker is actually there! ya - you know what I'm talking about!
    So why am I doing a thread about something as who-gives-a fuck boring as that??? Jesus! I don't know. I don't really know what I'm doing. lol 
    But overlooking the fact that I pretty wasted today, I was intending to to say something like, "being efficient and having fun organizing is really a great way to spend a very good high - except".
    Well, the "except" I was gonna rant about is when ya start misplacing shit all over the the fucking house and driving yourself bonkers trying to find it for the next two hours. Maybe I embarked upon this trippy experiment with good intentions, but my subsequent wandering about retracing my steps had me hunting and hunting and hunting (etcetera) all my not-organized-yet shit, and getting pissed at myself for entering dumbass mode.
    haha! Muther fuck! That was what I was gonna say. 

  2. Can't believe I almost finished reading all that jibberish
    Thanks for saving me and everyone else the time.
    It is indeed the ramblings of a particularly stoned, I don't know how to describe OP...without being banned.
  4. Back to the drawing board...
  5. Sorry peeps! I was fucked up!!! Still am. :hello:  But seriously, I wasn't trying to piss anyone off. I was just getting off on typing shit that's in my mind. Like now! lol
  6. I thought it was kinda funny that you could tell how f'd up you were/are.  Maybe try proof-reading :)
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    Maybe try... fuckit - never mind. 
  8. OP must have gotten laced weed
    I think it's just unusually good weed - two different strains. And I'm doing it to excess till its gone. And the strains seems to make me want to play like a 10 year old. I love that part!!!

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