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Getting rid of the smell?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Fachh, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Hey guys
    I got a GF and she is not a toker but she respects my decision to smoke and I was wondering what sorta stuff helps with the breath after smoking?
    I have tried brushing my teeth but is there certain foods or brands of mints that help?
  2. Listerine, gum, halls..
  3. I have the altoids in a rectangular tin, i find they take the scent away ENTIRELY. The wintergreen ones taste like an orgasm in your mouth too! Also, the tins make good containers for around an Oz or less.

  4. thats some hudeni magic shit if you can fit even one ounce in a altoids tin

    but OP, the spray mint things where you spray it in your mouth works real good cause if you are breathing in it covers up the smell alot, sorry if confusing, just stayin high
  5. An ounce of blow would fit.
  6. Just tried it Kev, with my Oz that i havent smoked ANY out of yet. It baaaarely fits.
  7. thx playa ill try that
  8. damn man never thought it would fit, bust open that sack and start smokin it cause im brokeee
  9. Why you trying to hide it if she doesn't mind?

    Never was good at hiding the smell myself. I had a girlfriend who didn't approve of smoking. Anyways we'd get half way to taking our clothes off when she'd finally figure out what that smell is on my breath past all the toothpaste and mints smell. Haha.
  10. im not hiding it
    just she doesnt like the smell when we smoochy smooch
  11. any type of mint flavored gum (or any flavor really i suppose) usually works for me it just takes a minute or so of chewing and no more weed breath haha

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