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Getting rid of that weed smell in your car after a hotbox?

Discussion in 'General' started by blazemore, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. How bout it?
  2. Open windows turn the ac full blast for like 2 mins minutes. There ya go
  3. yahhhh i like to turn the a/c on when im hotboxing, i got 2 12s in the trunk and we be bumpin and you can see the smoke move lol
  4. doesnt it settle into the fabric seats?
  5. Im afraid you've got no choice but to torch the car.
  6. breath fool
  7. Febreze it real nice like.
  8. Drive 90 with the windows down and try to fart as much as possible.
  9. spray a bit of ozium or febreeze after a hot box and just it air it out.

    unless you drive a car with that very thin soft fabric you don;t really have a problem. even w/ a car with the fabric i just described the smoke smell will only last a couple days depending on how wrecked you got.

    unlike cigs weed doesn't have nasty additives and chemicals so unlike cigs weed smoke is a lot less nasty and eventually, at least in my experience, the smell will go away.
  10. ozium will most likely be your best bet at getting rid of the smell
  11. Airing out the car on the highway and ozium should do it.
  12. Stop doing in the car........ very simple.
  13. don't a lot of those air freshener products have suuuuper harmful ingredients? I think i was reading somewhere about that - will have to look into it again and repost to backup my claim unless somebody knows what i am talking about....
  14. Febreeze and rolling the windows down. :)

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