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getting rid of red-eye w/o drops

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jjsmit, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. #1 jjsmit, Feb 7, 2009
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    watup grasscity. so anyways I ran out of drops today :mad:. so have any of you tried the cold washcloth or drinking a bottle of water before? Hit me up with some other suggestions. Thanks

    BTW just for today im gonna get drops tomorrow
  2. Wear some of those cop avatar sunglasses, look like a badass too.
  3. Put metal spoons in the freezer, then take them out and put them on your eyes. Red eye goes away ASAP.
  4. Sometimes I wear my red eyes like a badge of honor. It freaks out the teenagers at the local grocery store down the street when I come in faintly smelling of herb and with red eyes. They aren't used to seeing 40something smokers I guess ;)

  5. Agreed, I saw a super stoned dad playing with his son in the park. I was amazed, being stoned myself.
  6. could it also get stukc to your skin when it thaws out?
  7. Opcon is the best way to clear up your eyes pure and simple.
    started using those and havent gone back.
    lately i just dont use them. i really dont care anymore
  8. I have splashed super cold water in my eyes and it helped somewhat. Taking a steamy shower also helps a wee bit. If you wear contacts you can put in regular drops and they do a lil bit too.. Really not much helps but im gunna give the spoon thing a try i guess hahha
  9. ive just poured water from a water bottle into the cap and poured that water into my eyes like eye drops. it made them really red but then after a little while they got better. back in the day i used to drive with my windows down and put my head halfway out the window for a few mins to air out, and it would make my eyes water, then id blink a lot and i think theyd turn whiter. idk though, other than eye drops nothing really works that well. and idk about that spoon idea haa
  10. Step One: Get high.
    Step Two: Go to a Wal-Mart.
    Step Three: Steal a pair of sunglasses.

    Did this yesterday after I smoked a quarter with 5 other people :)

    Then I reached in my pocket and realized that I stole a pound of gummy worms too.
  11. -rep. your giving people reasons to keep marijuana illegal... :mad:

    I think splashing water into your eyes might make the red-eye go away, then again, I am no expert..
  12. not cool man...making stoners seem like criminals...not cool at all
  13. #13 HerrbulFresh, Feb 7, 2009
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    I lol'd soo hard at this. Stoned old guys are really funny

    EDIT: I tried to give you some rep, but it says I need to spread

    Don't do it. I did it, NEVER AGAIN. I had an exam the next morning and my eyes felt like total shit, I couldn't keep them open without extreme pain. Luckily a friend had some visine. She really saved my ass. I got like a 97% on the test too:)

  14. not really... he could've stole that stuff without smoking weed... just because two things happen simultaneously doesnt mean they have correlation...

  15. Dude, if you came into my grocery store smelling of pot and red ass eyes. Id deff say whatsup to you. I love running into other stoners. Makes my day:hello::smoke::smoke:
  16. I wouldn't brag about stealing anything :rolleyes:
  17. I would normally condone stealing but in the case of stealing from Wal Mart I applaud you.
  18. No stealing is good. I don't see what the mindless masses have against Wal Mart. Oh I know the rhetoric, but they are no different than any other retail chain; they've just done it better.

    When you steal you drive the price up for everyone else. You're not stealing from Wal Mart, you're stealing from it's customers. All retail chains factor the 'shrinkage' factor (losses to theft) into their profit models.

    Stealing is lowlife behavior, period. No excuses or rationalizing changes that.
  19. wtf are u talking about walmart is a great industry i only hope to someday run a business as profitable as walmart
  20. and treat your employees like shit? fire them for any reason you specify? haze new employees?

    and you wonder why people steal from Walfuck Mart

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