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Getting really paranoid lately :s

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crankacid, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Lately in say about the last 3 sessions I have been getting really nervous and paranoid about cops or detectives etc. Don't know why it suddenly came about and how. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to feel more relaxed while high?
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    I've always found that my highs are what I make of them... Try to ignore irrational thoughts like that... Take deep breaths in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, that usually helps when I start getting paranoid
  3. Congratulations, you're a pothead.
  4. Smoke at home? :smoke:
  5. I'd get high bro, that always helps me relax.
  6. ya the paranoia is a funny thing. The combination of THC, which can give you paranoia, and illegal activity makes for a interesting combination
  7. Next time you smoke, try to get somewhere "safe" as soon as you can (safe being defined as somewhere where you can comfortably relax, such as your own house, or the house of a close friend). If you already smoke at home, just go somewhere where you won't be bothered. When you're comfortable, put your feet above your head for a bit and just chill. For me, the feet things helps because it causes the blood to go to my head and calms me down. Then, you can just chill by either watching some television, going on GC, or just napping.
  8. Did this start happening after you started using a new strain by any chance?
  9. There are detectives watching you bro... Not just paranoia

  10. ahh the root of the problem maybe .. a good sativa will definitely give u some major paranoia
  11. as long as your not selling weed you really have nothing to worry about,

    maybe try smoking with other people or in other places and see how you feel .
  12. Bingo. When I first tried a potent sativa, I was freaking the fuck out about everything. Over time I learned to love sativas, and now I can't stand smoking indicas unless it's time to go to bed.
  13. #13 crankacid, Aug 4, 2011
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    Yeah just tried some way sweet smelling bud, only been smoking for about 6 years :s I made a munch chilled down but then to highten the paranoia, heard a car stop outside, so I looked out and it reversed up the street, Came back down then left and every 10 minutes or so drives up street, deffinately not a cop or some1 I know due to the car. Lol
  14. Sounds like a possibility that you're just smoking a sativa for the first time man. You'll learn to love them eventually.
  15. [ame="]http://[/ame] :D :smoke:
  16. Wow In 6 years I'd I've thought I'd tried one :s what is blueberry classed under?
  17. When I was new to smoking, I use to get scared shitless of sirens. Then my friend gave me some sage advice I now pass on to anyone I know:

    Don't worry if you hear sirens, because if the cops want to bust you for weed, they'll try to stay quiet.
  18. ^ Good advice, i used to shit myself whenever i was high and there was a dog nearby, off-duty drug dog or whatever. Thing is smoking isn't so bad, if you're busted the first time they'll probably just tell you not to and take your weed away, no biggie.
  19. And you know what they did with the weed if they took it away...:smoke:
  20. I'm not supposed to be "at this location"

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