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Getting really high tonight

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlazedPlatypus, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. I think I want to get really high tonight. I haven't smoked since (I think) Wednesday, definitely no later than Wednesday. I used to get super super high and trip out. I use a pipe and I generally smoke one bowl (which is not a lot) but I have a pretty low tolerance. Any tips on gettin real high? Should I just smoke 2 bowls?

    PS: the stuff I had when I tripped out was stuff I had back in October and I smoked it until it was all gone. Got a quarter and it lasted me til December. It was really really good stuff. The stuff I'm smoking now is called Snowstorm and it's also pretty dank just not as dank.
  2. yeah dude just smoke more if you want to get higher. If you can smoke a bong that'll be better, or a grav bong if you want to get really high.
  3. Thanks man. I've always considered the g-bong but never tried it. What's the easiest way to make one? And is it true tin foil gives you Alzheimer's? Lol
  4. What I would do is roll a decent joint and it would get you a nice high. Then in like a half hour smoke a bowl. That's what I do to get a good high going. That and bongs like mentioned above. Have fun!!
  5. I don't know exactly what tin foil does to you, but stay away from it. Easiest way to make one is to take a 1 or 2 liter soda bottle, cut the bottom off. Take the cap and burn/cut a hole in the middle, then find a small socket from a ratchet and use that as the bowl. Should look like this [​IMG]
  6. And then use a full sink or a bowl of water, light and lift slowly?
  7. I usually use a pot or a bottle that's a little bigger around than the grav bottle for portability. Yeah that's pretty much how it happens, if you have a friend who knows how to pull a grav maybe have him show you. Getting a grav to light and smoke well is something you'll learn as you take more gravs.
  8. Alright I think I got the gist of it. Thanks man.
  10. If you have glass Arizona iced tea bottles there, there is a little indent in the bottom of certain flavours. You can hit it with a screw driver and hammer and it makes a nice little square hole. That way you can have a glass waterfall and not have to worry about plastic either
  11. Anyone think I should throw a dip in? I'm not a nicotine fiend so it's not necessary, but will that escalate the experience?
  12. nah man I'd stay away from nicotene. Shits nasty and all my friends who smoke constantly talk about quitting and wishing they never started.  I agree with 2jza though, waterfalls are the shit! same concept as a gravity, just a little more portable.  once you have a bottle with a hole in the bottom, you just fill up the bottle with your thumb plugging the hole.  Then you take your thumb off and drain the water out as you light the bowl on the lid, replug the hole as you bring the waterfull to your mouth and then clear that bitch.
    The bigger the hole, the faster the weed will burn and the more the bottle will milk... man I used to have a glass sobe waterfall that turned brown because I used it so much
  13. Sounds good. Will I cough like a motherfucker?
  14. Since he didn't answer, I will. From my experience with waterfalls ( that's all I used when I was 15-16) you really don't cough too much with waterfalls.. Now I never used anything bigger than a 2 liter, but you should be fine. I cough way worse from a bong rip , I usually never cough from waterfalls. Good luck, you're gonna get destroyed !!

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  15. You will probably cough like a motherfucker haha. But you will be very high as well.
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    probably to late but for future ref the easiest way to build a g bong is get a ratchet piece drill a hole in a waterbottle cap big enough to fit the ratchet piece an stick it in it. then cut the bottom of the water bottle off, all there is to it really as for tin foil i still would not risk that shit
    load the bowl aka the ratchet piece (keep it out of the hole for now) stick the bottle in the water THEN put the bowl in otherwise weed will go everywhere here is a video
    ooooorrrr make an iron lung same concept but instead of putting it in water tape a bread bag to the bottle and push it into the bottle (bottom of it where you made the cut) screw on the cap with bowl hold the bottle sideways put flame to bowl an pull out the bag slowly once its full of smoke unscrew cap and inhale as hard as you can the bag will shoot back into the bottle an push the smoke into your lungs (second highest ive ever been was from using one of these) here is a video

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