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Getting Ready for my first grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Area 11, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Ok, so i am getting ready to grow. I wont be starting the growing for a couple of weeks because i have to set up my PC Stealth box. The computer will still run, just not in the case, so it looks like nothing is is there but a computer. I am going to be using bagseed since its my first time.

    I have plans drawn up on paper that is better than this MSPaint pic, but it will have to do.

    I need to make a carbon scrubber for the exaust fans, im thinking of using a small tupperware container and do the same thing as the coffee can one, just on a smaller scale.

    im thinking of growing up to 4 plants in there.

    i have everytihng except the carbon for the air filters and the plugin to convert the power strips socket to a lightbulb. im going to take it apart and start on it in a few days. \
    i already have a temp gauge and a humidity gauge, they will be placed on that rack that in there for the hard drive.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. It looks like a great setup so far, what are the dimensions of it? I think one plant is all you need to fill up that grow box IMO.
  3. You should adjust the set up of the fans IMO. It would be more effective to have the exhaust both on top and the intakes both on bottom. But with a small PC setup like yours the fans would help to beef up your stem. But also IMO you would only need one exhaust and one intake fan for a small space and CFL's (they dont create a lot of heat). I mean if you have already got the stuff layin around them rock on bro and build that bad boy :D but Im just thinkin more in the interest of saving a lil bit of cash. Hope this helps :wave:

  4. Its LWH is 14"x7"x14"

    i think ill be growing 2, i would like a nice yeild, im trying to make it so i can use this and keep my stash going till the next harvest. how much do you think i can get off of 2 plants in this. its also going to be organic grown.

    yea, i was thinking the same with the fans, im either going to do your first idea or the second one uisng just one for exaust and one for intake. i have plenty of PC fans lying around because i would take apart my old PCs and keep what i may need as backup parts.

    thank you both for you input
  5. i agree with MidwestPothead about the fan situation, in something of that size, only one intake/one exhaust should be good enough... if u wanna do 2 intake/2 exhaust, its best to have the intakes on the bottom, or middle... and the exhaust at the top, remember heat rises... as far as your power strip, i would suggest having the power strip on a chain so that it can be lowered and raised as the plants need it.

  6. im going to change the fans. im going to use some thick string for the power strip to do that.

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