Getting r/o water from store to home

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by titan2011, May 9, 2011.

  1. I have my system all set up, I now need to get my water. As my tap water is right around 300 Tds I have decided to use r/o water. I'm going to need a lot though... Res is 36 gal and have 8 5 gal sites.

    Any idea of bug jugs I can buy to fill at th store? At my work we have those 5 gal water jugs (the kind you see in offices with those like cone cups on the machines) do you think those would fit in the water machines at wally world?

    Any good ideas on how to move that much water without making a ton of trips, or buying a ton of 1 gal jugs lol.

    Any help is muuuuch appreciated!!
  2. 5 gallon paint type buckets
  3. they sell it by the gallon in stores like shaws/cvs. if you dont want to do that id say buy an r/o filter. theyre about 200 bucks so considering that distilled water is sold for about $1/gal it will probably pay for itself in a grow or two.

    you can also age your water. if you leave out tap water for a couple days the chlorine will evaporate from the water. this is helpful.

    tap water where i am is at 140 ppm. it would be infeasible for me to get distilled from the store as i would have to buy so much of it, and i have nowhere i can set up an r/o filter, so i just use tap.

    maybe a brita filter would make your solution a little less tonic, but they take forever and they kind of suck so i wouldnt recommend that either.
  4. You can buy the same type 5 gal cooler jugs @ Wally World and they fit the culligan machine fine, Little pricey to start with the jugs but the water on refills where I get mine is 0.37 a gal, another store is 0.25 but too far to drive just for water

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