Getting pissed on the road.

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  1. I'm tired of the same shit different day.

    Today I smoked a fat nugget and start heading over to my buddies house about 20 miles away. Im on the high way going like 55-58 in a 50 zone and some douche wad in his big ass suv is riding right ontop of me the entire time. I'm fuckin baked and just trying to keep a low key since thats how I drive when im stoned..don't want to give any 5-0 a reason to pull me over.

    ne ways these fucking assholes just piss me off.

    If you do this kind of shit. Then fuck you, but I know you guy's and gals are better than that because GC members are ace. :cool:
  2. i hate tailgaters. i usually drive over the speed limit by 5-10mph and if someone decides to tailgate me when i'm speeding, i'll slow to below the speed limit. it really pisses people off. sometimes i'll wait for them to try to pass and step on it, or i'll tailgate them after they pass me.

    a woman once tailgated me while i was driving my old eg6, she was in a huge SUV. she was so close to me that all i could see out the rear hatch window was the grill of her car. so i brake checked her and she passed me. then tried brake checking me when she was like 5 or 6 car lengths ahead of me. :rolleyes:

  3. haha what a stupid bitch
  4. I'm very courteous on the road, whether driving fast or taking my time. I give people their space, and if I'm on the highway I know the difference between the driving lane and the passing lane. (Despite, of course, Colorado's seeming inability to train drivers to recognize this difference) For the most part, my aversion to tailgating is due to paranoia caused by being in numerous accidents (a couple of which were very bad), however I'm only driving like any respectable automobile operator should on the road, I believe.

    On the other hand, my friends are dicks.

    Plain and simple. They are rage-filled, tailgating, horn-blaring assholes with no noticeable acknowledgement of human life besides their own. I mean, I love them like my own, but if these people were my blood children, I would have thrown my hands in the air and given up on my parenting ability a long, long time ago.

    As an example: Every time I'm in one of my better friend's truck, I leave one step closer to a full blown psychotic break. He compulsively goes 30+ MPH over the speed limit ("I don't believe in signs telling me what to do"), rides other car's bumpers with two inches to spare ("they should get the fuck out of my way"), and sticks his head out the window to scream at the 'dipshits and assholes' that dared cross his path.

    What frightens me most is that when someone finally slams on their brakes and he plows into their Geo Metro with his Silverado carrying two tons of useless accessories... it will automatically be 'their fault.'

    Well, that and I will probably be in the car when it happens.

  5. If someone is riding my ass I switch lanes, when he gives you that driver glance i flip him off, and go back to my day. No need to get bent out of shape over these douches.
  6. I've started to use my windshield washer fluid when someone is on my ass. I'm not a slow driver, I'll go 5 over in pretty much every speed limit by default, so it pisses me off when someone wants to rush me even more. Give the proper space and I'll move out of your way. Tailgate me and suffer the consequences, which may include washer fluid. :devious:
  7. i'm sure my car would thank you if you could hit it's windshield with some washer fluid, as it hasn't had any in it since i bought her.
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    i get really pissed, but depending on the day i can keep myself under control. usually.

    what really bugs me is dumbasses driving the speed limit in the LEFT LANE, and making everyone pass on the fucking right. that shit gets me livid, i'll fucking start doing stupid things if i dont breathe.

    and tailgaters get me too, but usually i just slow down. no brake checks, no head turns to make it obvious that im eyeballing you in my rearview...i just slow down. fucking deal with it.

    and im perfectly within my rights and responsibities to do so. its the right lane. i can drive as slow as i fucking want. if you want to go fast, fucking grow a brain and pass me on the left.

    it used to make me really nervous though, especially at night, its so fucking annoying. but then i got into hypermiling for awhile and i was doing 55 on the freeway every day, so i got used to it.

    it happens in my hood, too, fucking 4 olcock on a saturday afternoon and 25 mph isnt fast enough for this asshole. well, get comfortable then, bc im fucking driving 20 now. to punish you. some people get the message and back off, at which point i might speed up to like 27 as a reward. if i feel like it.

    but i DO NOT let assholes behind me dictate the way im going to drive.
  9. Resistance, I agree.

    The one thing that drives me up the fucking wall more than anything else is when people don't understand the concept of Right Lane = Cruising Lane and Left Lane = Passing Lane.

    The only time I ever ride on people (even so, I leave a decent safety cushion and keep my alertness levels on their A Game) is when I'm on the Interstate, attempting to maintain decent gas mileage without slowing down, and I have somebody going 65 MPH in the left lane. What gets me even worse is when they're doing this on a two lane highway, blocking traffic thirty miles behind them.

    And my Doctor asks me why I have high stress levels.

    I'll stay on these people for three or four minutes, praying to sweet Mother Mary that they get the hint. When they don't, I frequently decide "to hell with this" and flip my right turn signal on to pass them on right hand side (a traffic violation in Colorado, incidentally, which I have been forced to commit). What do they do? Do they stay put and let me swiftly get around them on the right?

    Fuck no, they don't.

    They follow me straight into the right lane doing the same speed (occasionally slowing down), coming within two inches of my front bumper, which is steadily flying towards their car at a cool 80, leaving me two choices: swerve into the left lane and collect what's left of my now tachycardic, adrenaline-fueled sanity; or slam into this guy and kill us all, which doesn't seem like a terrible idea at this point.

    The last time my Sister stepped foot in my car, she asked me why there were oily fist prints on the inside of my windshield and driver's window.

    I really don't know how to respond, to be honest with you.

  10. lol general concensus seems to be "slow down to spite asshole drivers"

    sign me up.

    Except for the times when I want to speed, then people always drive like pussies it seems, but usually I cruise
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    well bro, one trick i like to use is to flash my turn signal erratically to the right while alternating between a light semi tailgate position and 2-3 car lengths back... but its never worked, no one ever seems to get it. prolly bc they dont even look in their mirrors while theyre not looking at their speed.

    btw i meant LEFT LANE in my previous post. i hate it when fuckheads drive the limit in the LEFT lane.

    i should really preview my posts more.
  12. My friend taught me a game called 'tail-baiting'

    Basically you wait until some douchebag starts to tailgate you, then you see how long you can keep in front of them going slow.

    I once had some guy for 35 minutes.

    It's a delicate art to know where they are going to turn, try to over-take, etc.
  13. Nobody ever tailgates me coz I'm too fast.

    Just kidding...

    I have yellow 'Baby On Board' sticker at the back.
  14. Lol, I know a few people who would kill if that happened to them.

    I think I'll try it and see what happens :p

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