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Getting PERMISSION to smoke pot freely!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stoner Vision, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I've been smoking pot for a long time now and last week my parents found all my weed and they took my bong and pipes! When I was smoking it I was doing extremely good in school and all of my grades were either A's and B's. My Dad is a drug abuse counselor (ironic, I know ) and every since I've stopped I've been really stressed and can't focus. I want to ask them for permission to smoke weed but I don't know how to ask them. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Your gonna have to kill your parents
  3. def change your thread name... or not idc but its misleading lol
    dude, my advice is, don't even try... I felt the same way as you, when I was in your position.. I basically did ask lol
    my mom didnt even think twice about it she's just on a different level than me, straight up no from her.
    My dad smokes(ganja) and he says I can do what I want but he'd rather me not smoking.
    I was like 16 or 17 though when I asked..., it was after getting busted, maybe for the first time, sorry I cant remember lol..
    but yeah, if your dad's a drug counsellor, don't even bother with him. seriously lol
  4. Just keep on smoking and accept your parents opinion
    And maybe they'll slowly give up and accept your opinion
  5. Reading that whole post, you are way too young to have been "smoking pot for a long time now".
  6. drug abuse counselor? most of the time they tend to be recovered addicts, but honestly theyre also trained to spew propaganda type antidrug crap even if they dont exactly believe it. so idk what to tell you, i wouldnt even try thou
  7. [quote name='"daveracer"']

    Reading that whole post, you are way too young to have been "smoking pot for a long time now".[/quote]

    I've been smoking for a little longer than 3 years
  8. Sploof, and hide things better
  9. Sound like its time to grow up an move you. Did you ask there permission before u made this post
  10. Fuck no your dads a drug counselor, just keep doing it and getting caught until you can move out. That's childhood man :smoke:
  11. I agree with everyone else. I got caught last year and shit, had to do stupid ass fucking OnTrack and still on the aftercare stuff. Ffs, why do they have 9 month things to "help" you get off weed. Once a stoner, always a stoner. Seriously though, I just smoke whenever I want. I was clean while on Ontrack, but the same day I pissed in that cup the FINAL fucking time. I smoked. LOL I smoked THAT NIGHT. Was so funny. But yeah, just keep on tokin' man. Fuck your parents. They only care cause of what the government says. If they would be "honest" for once and stop spreading propaganda shit. Then maybe people would be more accepting of Marijuana. But it all comes down to money. Considering they spend like 10 billion dollars a year on drug trafficing and shit. Its total bullshit. If they'd just legalize marijuana they'd MAKE money. From tax revenues from despenseries and stuff.
    So yeah I wish they'd just cut their crap and just legalize it. Like it was awhile back.
    Hmm... This post got kinda long... My bad....
    Well bro
    :smoke: Keep Smokin:smoke:
  12. Surprised no one mentioned The Union. Google it OP, couldn't hurt to get your rents to sit down, shut up, and educate themselves.

  13. If he's at least 18 and been smoking since 13 that's 5 years. Not a long time for some people but at this age 5 years of herb is pretty long lol
  14. just don't smoke in their house.

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