Getting paid friday :)

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by weeeeeeed, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. So I'm getting paid friday, first paycheck ever.

    Looking for some recommendations on what to get. I already have a bowl (spoon), so I don't really want/need another one. I was thinking either a nice bubler and a cheap grinder, or a small bong and a grinder.

    Looking to spend around 50$, any suggestions?
  2. I say get a bong.
  3. I say wow you must be at least 19 almost 20 and this is your first pay check. Dont spend it on weed save it.
  4. Lol you're not gonna get a bong or bub and a grinder for $50, it's hard enough to find a good bub or bong alone for $50.
  5. Go cheap and see what you like then gradually get bigger and better.
  6. I would save at least $250 so you can buy a decent perced bong like a Lux mini.

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