Getting my pipe through airport security?

Discussion in 'General' started by SDstoopid420, May 28, 2009.

  1. Alright so I'm going home to san diego next wednesday and i want to bring my pipe. I do alot of driving between san diego and phoenix but have only done the flight once before.

    I'm gonna be at my friends house for 2 weeks and he has bud and some pipes and a bong and stuff, but i want to bring my own pipe, just because its like my comfort pipe kinda. Anyways its a small glass bowl, so i know it wont set off metal detectors or anything, and i've never seen dogs in the airport before, but im a little nervous about it for some reason.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks GC, keep tokin :D :smoking:
  2. Just clean it really good and you'll be golden
  3. naw man, no reason to bring one and even risk it when theres pot and pipes available at the destination. its only 2 weeks without your pipe and ya dont risk getting into trouble.
  4. clean it and bag it up and make sure it has a lot of cushioning because its probably safest to put it in your luggage
  5. This. As long as it doesn't smell like resin and there's no visible residue on it, you're fine.
  6. if its really clean and no resin it then yes. i would just buy a cheap pipe when i reached my destination.
  7. I'd risk it if the airport was legit and easy to get it through, otherwise i'd just use the pieces available.:)
  8. this is probably more for bud than glassware, but ive heard that if you put it in a little baggie and put that baggie in a bottle of shampoo, than it masks it completely. ive never tried it tho.
  9. Don't risk it.
  10. This.

    Plus, look at it as an oppertunity to buy a chea new bowl in china town
  11. i brought a small cleaned spoon (about 3 inches long) through the tampa, fl airport with no problem. i hid it in my toiletries bag but depending on the airports, some have very high tech x-ray systems and can sort and highlight items by material and depth in the bag and can probably find them quickly.
    honestly, i wouldn't recommend it. and like others suggested - it'll give you an excuse to find a new pipe!
  12. Thanks for all the advice guys:D

    i dont think im gonna risk it. There is bud and pipes at my destination. I think i can live withouth my pipe for a couple weeks.
  13. good call

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