Getting my life back on track.

Discussion in 'General' started by Derwin94, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. So I recently just watched the movie "The Secret" A real eye opener. It's truly changed my whole view and perspective on life, and the way things work.

    Anyway, so I started to apply this philosophy, and so far it seems like its working. Instead of saying, I'm sick of being poor and having no money. I started talking about getting my life back on track, getting some more money coming my way. Soon after I started to talk about it more, change my attitude and way of thinking. I got exactly what I wanted. Not necessarily what I NEED per say, but yeah. I woke up one morning to find $1,100 had been deposited into my account. My social security claim had finally been approved. We call it Centrelink over here in Australia but anyway.

    The grand that was given to me was just backpay, from the time I lodged the claim, til the time it was approved. I now also get an extra $200 a fortnight. I hadn't had any weed of my own in a while, So I decided I'd buy a Q to celebrate. That only lasted a week which sucks but oh well. I guess that's what happens when all you do is sit at home bored all day.

    I also went and got my Licence replaced, for I had my wallet stolen about 5 months ago, and hadn't been able to do any driving since, as I didn't have the money to get a new one. Now I've got that back which is also good. I guess my next step now is to invest in buying my own car. Then, once I've gone ahead and done that. I can go and get a job. Sure I could live off this money from centrelink If I really wanted too. But in order to get my dad off my back, I really need to get a job. Start contributing to society. All I want to do is make my family proud, but all I've been doing lately is letting them down.

    But no more. Time to turn my life around for the better. Thanks for reading guys, and I strongly suggest to anyone having a bit of a tough break in life at the moment, to go and watch "The Secret"

    ~ Derwin.
  2. Nice job taking initiative in getting your life turned around. I say forget the car for right now, try to find a close job if there is good public transportation around like buses. Get some income then buy a car, don't buy the car then go looking for the cost money to maintain.

    Write a list of goals you have with realistic deadlines like
    -get a job in 6 weeks or less
    -buy a car within 2 months of having job

    Best of luck! :wave:

  3. If I don't buy a car now. I'll just waste all my money on weed :/
  4. Waste???!?!?!?!?
  5. Don't waste on weed! Invest in growing equipment and home grow for yourself. If you wan sell a little to close friends to fund the electric and equipment cost. Pays for it's self.
  6. good for you

    sometimes people need help
    but don't let the lack of incentive stop you from pursuing better opportunities

    i don't mind helping poor people with my tax dollars
    but what sucks is i don't live any better than most of my "poor" jobless friends
    and some of them are perfectly capable of applying themselves and working, but won't do so
    and i get to help pay for their weed
    their housing
    and their steak, shrimp, and rich-people food

    while i eat ramen
    or just dont eat
  7. Awesome that you want to get on track! Keep that attitude!

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