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Getting My First Apartment

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Biochemistry, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. I've signed the lease and I move in on June 22!!!!  I'm so psyched to be moving out of my parents' house and living in my own place with a roommate for the first time after college.  My parents are against me smoking pot since I told them I had a paranoid freakout 1 year and 2 months ago, but I have since matured and learned how to handle myself better in a situation like that. 
    Most of you reading this are probably thinking at this point that the first thing I do once I move in is smoke a bowl and celebrate.  Hold on there guys.  What you don't know is that I'm working two part-time jobs right now to pay for everything.  FORTUNATELY, I've spotted a local fish store that specializes in saltwater tanks and that's looking to hire someone full-time.  Well guess what?!  I have good quality experience maintaining a saltwater tank, so I'm applying for the job! I don't know if they drug test since it's a small business and not a chain store, but I have to wait a little while before smoking/vaping again.  Hopefully the next session will be to celebrate getting the job.
    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that my roommate is also a stoner and our dealer lives in the same apartment complex!  Wish me luck.

  2. Goodluck man. Nice rig
  3. what the fuck
    you're so fortunate man hahaha youve got it made my dude
  4. Congrats man i am also looking to move into my first apartment soon still hunting.
  5. Goood for you man i can't wait to do the same in july
  6. Its very unlikely that a small business will dt unless theyre in riskier fields. Nearly all workplace testing is done for insurance reasons that the little guys wont bother with
  7. show pics of the place lol
  8. #8 Overtrick, Jun 16, 2013
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    That's some good shit, man. You sound like you deserve it as well!
  9. If the job doesn't require "heavy machinery" or anything risky, you should be in the good. :)
    I'm hoping to get my own place in a year or so.. Keep us posted on the job and place!

    Hope you get the job, homie :)

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