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Getting Jaded w/Smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by marcus, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. I keep falling into the pattern of just watching movies,tv, playing games, being online when i'm high. For the smokers who've been blazing for awhile what did you do to keep smoking interesting and new. I'm personally thinking about a grow project, that would make it interesting.
  2. I usually do something a little more active aside from tv/movies/games, like skating, (snowboarding in the winter, mmm), biking, drive someplace cool/entertaining, play an instrument. Uh...make some crazy cool foods to eat. Yeah, grow projects are something to keep the anticipation up, but there's not much you can do while growing on a daily basis (unless you're going to grow a larger amount). Think about things that interest you, and do something with that. Heh heh, you could read, or design clever bongs and other 'smoking paraphernalia'. I dunno, I'm running out! What I do has kept me happy and entertained throughout the years. Right on. Go for the gold, hope I help or atleast inspired some ideas. Later
  3. i want to get into glass blowing, anyone knows how hard it is?
  4. Hard if you don't know what you're doing. Takes a lot of training. Get an apprenticeship under a skilled glassblower. If you're willing to give the time, it's well worth your while, paying, and certainly rewarding.
  5. That is some fucking tough shit, oh my goddd
  6. i just do my normal shit. thats my favorite thing to do is get stoned and go about my daily business cuz its just 10x betteer
  7. 1) Do something active.
    2) Do something with friends.
    3) Take a break for at least a couple days to a week or two.

    All of these help me. My brother, who's a huge druggie, said he quit smoking ganja because "it gets boring".

    Anyway, his problem was he refused to do any of the above. He smoked alone in his room all the time, which indeed gets boring. Go see a movie, take a walk, drive (if you can safely), go f-ing bowling...when you're blazed, anything you do is extra-strength intense. So it doesn't matter what you do.
  8. With 4 kids [17 to 26 yrs] 2 grandkids the animals ,bikes,growing ,friends and grasscity l don,t have time to sit and watch tv.:D

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