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  1. Hey guys I need advice, gonna get a little personal up in this bitch so bear with me lol....

    I have a punching bag in my garage I use know, punch. It's hella fun and feels good and helps me relive stress.

    I know that one of the best ways to get in shape is taking up a sport you really like. And I'd really like to get my technique down pat. I'm good at keeping my hands up and im okay at moving around the bag, but I doubt I look good to someone who really knows what they're doing.

    But to be straight with you guys I could use some self confindence too.

    I'm sort of a p*ssy, you see. I barley have to balls to walk into a regular gym, let alone an MMA type place. My whole life i've fought with anxiety. At one point it got really bad and I started doing all kinds of drugs thinking they helped me, but I was only spinning my tires and fucking up my life. Now that i've kicked the crap and have been focusing on my health I only want to get better and better and more and more confident.

    I think alot of my anxiety stems from the fact that i'm really really short for a guy my age, i'm 5'3 and 20 years old. I've always felt smaller and weaker then everyone, so I got picked on a bit, which made me more anxious, which made me an easier target. It was a vicous cycle.

    At one point I lifted weights and got pretty strong and buff, but I felt like I had the mighty mouse look which didn't help my confindence haha.

    What's an MMA gym like? I know alota guys are into MMA nowadays, but to be honest I don't watch UFC or any of that stuff. It never intrests me.

    But even though I don't watch UFC on TV at all really,

    There's a part of me that's always always always wanted to know how to really fight. I'm not trying to sound tough or anything but I love fighting. I'd get into really rough "play" fights with my brother, to a point where he'd be grinding my face into the dirt and i'd be cracking up the whole time. It's just really, really fun to me. It's such a release....thinking on your feet and that "high" you get from it is the greatest high, because it's a high without all the negatives of drug abuse.

    And I think being my height and being able to kick ass and having buttloads of energy, all while looking great would do wonders for my confidence...

    ...So what should I do? where do I look and where do I start? I need advice and tips from people already in the game. With my anxiety issues it's not easy for me to dive right into shit. Especially this kinda shit with all that testosterone flying around. I feel like i'd be walking into a room with all the types of people that used to fuck with me in school. Like diving into a shark tank. But maybe once I'm in and I get going I'll be ok...

    I know of one place in my area that's 90$ a month! That's pretty beefy IMO, is that average? I don't need to go pro or anything, this is purely recreational.

    Advice is appreciated, thanks guys
  2. Hey man. I used to take kick boxing (my dad owns a gym) and it was really awesome. I was also 3rd in the state at my weight class my senior year in wrestling. Once you get good and land a few clean kicks or punches it feels so amazing. Im currently doing a workout program to get in mma shape again. One thing I can't stress enough is cardio. Get your cardio up and you will be fine because the basics of throwing kicks and punches comes with in a few weeks and once you get that down you will get a sense of prediction of what people are going to throw at you next from stance, hand angles, leg angles, ect. Most fights are lost because somebody is caught off guard. Things will come naturally after a while. 90 bucks a month is pretty good man. If they include weight training also I would get into that because that'd be a steal. If you would like I will post my workout regime for cardio and body weight exercises. Also about confidence, I'm only 5 foot 8 and people who are the same height as you will be in the same weight class. Plus you can kick anybodies ass who talks down on you
  3. I was in pretty much the same shoes as you when I started kick boxing. Don't worry about getting your ass kicked in the beginning. It will happen but it's only going to help you improve. $90 is a pretty decent price but there's also equipment to buy. You could start with boxing or something else first and then work your way into MMA.
  4. $90 isn't bad. And dude, don't be nervous going to the gym. That sounds laughable to me. You're in there to work out, and so is everybody else in there.

    I did martial arts for a few years and it is very fun and great exercise even though you're not trying to turn pro. dudeimcoke is right about getting your ass kicked, I got my ass handed to me the first few times in sparring, but it was really fun once I got the hang of it. Don't sweat it bro, just go in there, get your technique and style down, and whoop some ass.
  5. Try to get yourself in good enough shape that youll have the confidence to get out and join, otherwise youll never further your game.

    Even if you dont like to watch UFC it really is a good way to learn all the names and different rules and just get familiar from a viewers point.

    Like another poster said it is all about cardio so just join man, $90 bucks is cool I used to pay 75 at a pretty cool place when I was younger. Just get out and do it man sounds good but dont do it for the wrong reasons...
  6. what do you mean wrong reasons?
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    Idk you said you were sort of a puss and you were having anxiety and gettin picked on so dont learn it just to whoop some fools ass lol

    edit: just an assumption

  8. I think he means dont do it just to go out there and try to kick somebodies ass. Believe me once you get good you WILL try to start more fights haha. I loved walking around shirtless waiting for douchebag kids to say something to me ;)

  9. I think he means street fighting people with no experience.
  10. oh no haha it's not like that i'm not out for revenge or anything like that. It's more for my own self confidence
  11. then proceed :smoke:
  12. There's a big thread in sports about MMA, but I think there is more to it for you
  13. I took mma for 4years and i LOVED it but i quit for financial reasons..
    , im 5'7 so shorter side.. and all you really need is heart and some common sense and your good man! after the first year you should be wayyy better.

    id reccomend taking jiu jitsu for sure more specifically since its all about using your opponents force against them and a type of stand up.
    and $90 month is pricy, theres several types of mma gyms out there just make sure the quality is what you pay for.

    P.S. Whenever we had a new guy sign on to the gym...oh boy we made it hell for him for the first month...we did the most complex and flambuoyant moves on him since we knew we would land them easy.. but keep your head up, pretty soon your going to be doing that on the next new guy.
  14. Everyone started somewhere. That big buff guy in the gym who knows everything used to be someone like you intimidated by some other buff guys in the gym. You're all in there for a similar goal.
  15. If you feel like you can take the pain, then do it. You will get hit. Even the best fighters in the world get KTFO at some point. THe best fighters are the ones who can take hits.

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