Getting int MMA?

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  1. Hey guys I need advice, gonna get a little personal up in here so bear with me lol....

    I have a punching bag in my garage I use know, punch. It's hella fun and feels good and helps me relive stress.

    I know that one of the best ways to get in shape is taking up a sport you really like. And I'd really like to get my technique down pat. I'm good at keeping my hands up and im okay at moving around the bag, but I doubt I look good to someone who really knows what they're doing.

    But to be straight with you guys I could use some self confindence too.

    I'm sort of a p*ssy, you see. I barley have to balls to walk into a regular gym, let alone an MMA type place. My whole life i've fought with anxiety. At one point it got really bad and I started doing all kinds of drugs thinking they helped me, but I was only spinning my tires and fucking up my life. Now that i've kicked the crap and have been focusing on my health I only want to get better and better and more and more confident.

    I think alot of my anxiety stems from the fact that i'm really really short for a guy my age, i'm 5'3 and 20 years old. I've always felt smaller and weaker then everyone, so I got picked on a bit, which made me more anxious, which made me an easier target. It was a vicous cycle.

    At one point I lifted weights and got pretty strong and buff, but I felt like I had the mighty mouse look which didn't help my confindence haha.

    What's an MMA gym like? I know alota guys are into MMA nowadays, but to be honest I don't watch UFC or any of that stuff. It never intrests me.

    But even though I don't watch UFC on TV at all really,

    There's a part of me that's always always always wanted to know how to really fight. I'm not trying to sound tough or anything but I love fighting. I'd get into really rough "play" fights with my brother, to a point where he'd be grinding my face into the dirt and i'd be cracking up the whole time. It's just really, really fun to me. It's such a release....thinking on your feet and that "high" you get from it is the greatest high, because it's a high without all the negatives of drug abuse.

    And I think being my height and being able to kick ass and having buttloads of energy, all while looking great would do wonders for my confidence...

    ...So what should I do? where do I look and where do I start? I need advice and tips from people already in the game. With my anxiety issues it's not easy for me to dive right into shit. Especially this kinda shit with all that testosterone flying around. I feel like i'd be walking into a room with all the types of people that used to fuck with me in school. Like diving into a shark tank. But maybe once I'm in and I get going I'll be ok...

    I know of one place in my area that's 90$ a month! That's pretty beefy IMO, is that average? I don't need to go pro or anything, this is purely recreational.

    Advice is appreciated, thanks guys
  2. I took it for a few years and was paying 60/month...but I live in TN and you live in NY, so with the highest cost of everything up there, I would say the price is decent.

    I think you should go in and try it out; they always give you a free session or so to see how you like it at first. It can really help build your confidence and it's fun at the same time, it's not like they're just going to beat up on you, they'll show you techniques that's actually useful.

    If it was anything like mine, you will have stand up days (Boxing, punching,kicking,etc) and then ground days (jiu-jitsu,grappling etc).It's really fun, check it out.
  3. I'd actually like to join a local gym myself. I'm from TN as well of course.
  4. Take a look at the different gyms in your area. Then decide wich gym you want to join.
    It is a lot of fun, you just got to jump in it!
  5. didnt read your post.

    i thought the title was "Getting into MDMA" and i was like FUCK YEAH.
    then i noticed it was MMA and i was like...bummer.
  6. hahaha yeah right man i'd be a walking ball of depression. Shit feels great for 8 hours and spent the next week on the verge of tears. Never again.
  7. Go for it.

    What do you have to lose, you say you want to feel better about yourself, it seems like this will be right for you. Atleast try it to see what it does for you, and if you do not like it then don't do it.

    By the way, gyms are just gyms, you shouldn't feel anything going into one, not worrying about what others think, just focus on you and your workout. Most people at gyms are really cool anyway, atleast at mine.

    I think this will give you that confidence you are looking for. Ever since i went to the gym for some of the same reasons, i was tiny, skinny, weak, (rather good looking i must say) but just trapped in a 12yr kids body. Now i've gained 24 pounds, much bigger, much stronger, much more confident even though i still think i have a long way to go to get to where i want.

    Do it.:smoke:
    Mdma looks like quite a trip. ha sorry about yours.
  8. word, it is amazing, but you really feel it fucking with your mind, which is why i'm neverdoin it again.

    dont wanna get this topic closed though, so lets leave it at that.
  9. yeah i know fuck that shit.

    i just got pumped for the multiple pages of flame for wanting to do it lol
  10. I do Muy Thai myself and some tips if you wanna fight better is to keep your hands up and your chin down. If someone I am fighting raises their chin too much I will knock them out within seconds. Also follow through on your punches. And elbows can do some damage especially with Muy Thai.
  11. Muaythai or boxing id reccomend. Ive been doing MT for years and my confidance has spiked huge not only cuz im much more fit but because i can whoop some ass now lol

  12. I been doin muy thai for like a year and I am the same way. I don't worry about people messing with me nearly as much because I know unless they are a highly trained martial artist I will knock them the fuck out. Such a confidence builder lol.
  13. ^ exactly lol plus its ridiculously fun to train
  14. I train martial arts myself, and the number one problem is the McDojos. You have to make sure the gym you are training at is legit and have pumped out some fighters. I'm looking at what you wrote and I think the best thing for you would be boxing or muay thai. Boxing would be my first choice but some people like kicks but boxing if you want superior hand speed and skills. If your really into technical sparring and training, not to say the other stand-up arts aren't! Look into BJJ (GI).

    Good luck and have fun my man!
  15. Muay fucking Thai! I still have some low self-esteem, but Muay Thai helped a lot. I'm not bursting with testosterone, but it comes out during training. Honestly, the dudes at a gym who lift weights and act like they kick everyone's ass are just a bunch of pussies, really. I'm 155 and have sparred 200 pound dudes and they back down fast. Some people just can't take getting hit. Most people at gyms don't fight anyway.

    Dude, my biggest piece of advice is to find a gym, find the guys in the gym who train hard and aren't assholes, show respect and train. You'll get better. You'll get beat up somtimes, but you'll kick ass too ;) Just show respect to everyone, even your opponents, if you ever fight.

    And about your confidence: I think most fighters are somewhat mentally messed up. My good friends is semi-pro and fights in NYC and he used to be suicidal. Fighting is a kind of therapy, in my opinion.

    Muay Thai changed my life and I say that in all seriousness. Hit up my message board if you ever want advice! I've been training for over three years, had 3 sparring events and a fight. I want to get some more when I'm back in Germany.

    I'll post some videos of some awesome fights/fighters, just because it's awesome. Watch them high, too. I love watching fights high!:

    Saenchai sor Kingstar is probably the best in the world. He's just nasty- [ame=]YouTube - ‪Saenchai sor Kingstar VS Nico Verrezen Part 1 (SLAMM 5)‬‏[/ame] (this is him fighting in the Netherlands, I think)
    [ame=]YouTube - ‪saenchai Sor Khamsing Vs Kenji Takemura part 2‬‏[/ame] (him dominating a very aggressive Kenji Takemura)

    Yodsanklai Fairtex
    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Farid Villaume vs. Yodsanklai Fairtex II (Pt.1)‬‏[/ame] (Yod in France, I think. He has an insanely hard kick and is a heavy boxer for a Thai)

    Buakaw por Pramuk
    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Buakaw Amazing two legs‬‏[/ame] (Muay Thai kicks are painful, but his are on a different level. He just...fucking works with his legs)

    Justin Greskiewicz. He's from Philly. He isn't Thai, but I like his style.
    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Justin Greskiewicz vs. Mark DeLuca, Muay Thai‬‏[/ame] (him fighting a great fighter from Pittsburgh, Mark De Luca. Both are great fighters and great people, from what I have heard)

    Here is Sinbi Muay Thai's youtube page. I really like their fighter's styles. Check out their videos: YouTube - ‪Kanaal van SINBIMuayThai‬‏

    Remember Muay Thai is not MMA, but a lot of MMA fighters have trained or were even pro Muay Thai. (Anderson Silva, for example). There are several differences. MMA is great too, but my heart remains with MT ;)

    Again, contact me if you have any questions about anything! I love Muay Thai!

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