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  1. Every year I tell myself I am gonna get into shape for the upcoming summer and it never happens. This year I plan to change that. I am about 5'11'' and 145 lbs. Typical tall, skinny, 19 year old kid. The past few days I've been doing crunches and push ups. So now I want to know, if my muscles are sore is it better to let them rest and work on something else, or continue exercising? Also if anyone has some good workouts that don't require any large pieces of equipment, I would really appreciate it.
  2. you got the right idea .push ups, pull ups on a bar, sit ups, and jump rope and jog n shit. u wil be lean as fuck lol n remember its the eating part too .protein!!!
  3. haha thats the thing. I dont watch what I eat at all
  4. If your interested in making your pecs and biceps stronger I would try wide angle push ups.
    Just put your feet on a couch or something about a foot or foot and a half high and progress to do push ups. In my experience wide angles are more beneficial than normal push ups.
  5. thanks a lot for the info. I'm not one to drink soda ever. Mostly green tea and milk on occasion. But I will definitely start eating better. Damn munchies always getting the best of me. And I'm not looking to get jacked, just in shape. Ya know? Just big enough to where people wouldn't fuck with me. I feel like I'm too skinny right now and people see that as being weak
  6. You need weights to get a bit more bulky. Push ups are ok, but they won't give you any significant increase in size.

    Protein + Weights.
  7. OP, as long as what you are doing is very challenging and you are always increasing the challenge some how, be it weight, sets, reps, .etc you will get results. That being said anything over 15 reps means its too easy and you need to find a way to make it harder. Get creative.

    See this post that I made a while back that has an uberlist of bodyweight exercises you can choose from.

    Remember, keep it harder than 15 reps and each workout do something more. Better form, more reps, more sets, more weights...however you do it, do something more each time. only have a month before summer. Perhaps you should make this a long term investment...come back in extremely good shape next summer because you won't hit your dream goal in one month.
  8. I will definitely do this. Thanks. And I have no plans on getting there by this summer. Just kinda over the summer working on it
  9. Pushups and other bodyweight exercises are effective for complete beginners at establishing a (relatively weak) strength base. Eventually you'll want to join a gym and get real about it. Until then, eat something.

    Pushups are good, but you'll see very limited muscle growth unless you find some way to add weight (like laying a weight on your upper back while doing them) progressively. At 145 lbs, the last words I should ever hear from you are "I don't want to get too jacked." Toss that bullshit out the window, because it takes a fuckload more than you think to get "jacked." Eat a lot and bulk up because even with an extra 30 lbs on you, you'll still be a rail. I'm 6'0 and 193 lbs, and I still look skinny.

    So stick with the bodyweight exercises until you've worked up the confidence to go to a gym. Grab some protein powder and eat a lot and you'll see a difference. If you are serious about getting some muscle on you, ditch the jogging because you probably have a ridiculous metabolism like I do. Conserve the calories to gain muscle.
  10. Best thing to do is use your stoner ingenuity to use things around your house to work out. Get a backpack fill it with heavy books and do push-ups, do yard work that requires you to put some back into it, find somewhere you can do pushups, (tree with a towel or something or just off the branch). IF you invest in some simple 30-50 dumbbells your variety of workouts could change extremely. Just do some at home workout videos on you tube and you should be good.

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