Getting High On Nutmeg

Discussion in 'General' started by Zimed, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Hello!

    Can someone please tell me what the effects of nutmeg are, from getting high from. Also, how much does a 110-115 LB person take, and how does it take effect.

  2. it sucks dont do it, you take like 2 table spoons, your eyes get very blood shot and you cant do shit to change just feel like your inbetween sleep and stay like that for at least a day striaght, o and you cant sleep...and its difficult and a pain to drive...dont do it
  3. So, it's not a good high like a pot high? Why do people do it then? There must be something good about it.
  4. if u wanna try go ahead noones stopping u but they have tried it just out of curiosity and they can say first hand its a waste of time and thats not a pleasant high , use the search button theres a lot of threads about nutmegs you can read what other people said too
  5. Yeh dude that shits lame.
  6. Well, just swallowed 3 TSP of this nasty sand tasting shit. Will see what happens. Maybe by tommorow the effects will be around.
  7. feeling anything yet?
  8. Not really, no. They say it can take from an hour up to 5 hours. But even if I got good effects I would not try to take it like I did just now. I almost threw up it tasted so disgusting...the sand texture makes you just sick. I'll report back tommorow.
  9. this shit sucks didnt do nething

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