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Getting High Off The Marijuana Leaves?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ResinGuzzler, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. My girlfriend's dad gave us some dried up old clippings from a plant. He was saying it gives you a nice little buzz and takes the edge off, so I started packing bowls of it and ripping the shit out of it with my bong over and over, exhaling immediately after it reaches my lungs. I know that I was feeling something, but I don't want to mistake lack of oxygen/the act of smoking it itself with actually getting THC into my brain. It's one of those things where it's subtle and I definitely feel it, but there's still the possibility that it could be psychosomatic. 
    Has anyone ever experimented with smoking the leaves with any success? I just now thought about trying to make some Cannabutter with it, but if there's no THC in it then it would be a waste of time. 

  2. There is most definitely THC in trim, it's just not enough to usually make smoking it very worthwhile. Most growers use it to make hash/concentrate, or for baking. 
  3. PS: To be clear, I mean "worthwhile" as in worth smoking it rather than just tossing it or using it for something else. It is definitely "worthwhile" in the sense that it can, and will, get you high. 
  4. Use it to bake or make hash, won't do the best smoking them.
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    Like said above unless they're sugar-leafs (covered in crystals) they won't really get you baked. Fan Leaves don't have much THC in them and are not really worth much, you could try to do some bubble bags or edibles or something of that sort.  :smoke:
  6. As for smoking the fan leaves, yeah I tried smoking them once and I did get high... eventually.
    I dried out enough reefer leaves to roll 2 huge blunts with after a harvest, I was after the same information as the OP basically. So I smoked the first blunt (with 1 friend) and afterwards I had a mild buzz and sore lungs. We waited a few minutes and smoked the other one in a hotbox; got highish, like 1 or 2 bowls high, but it took somewhere between 8-12 grams of leaves!!
    Conclusion: Cook with it or make hash. Don't smoke the fan leaves, it sucks.
  7. Were they sugar leafs? I've had bad trim jobs on bud before and there was still little sugar leafs on it, it works.

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