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Getting high from Prickly Poppy (legal)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mikeysbar1, May 27, 2009.

  1. Anyone ever hear of the Prickly Poppy? Its suppose to be part of the Papaver family, and contains Berberine, Protopine, and some isoquiniline. When smoked its suppose to give a euphoric high for about 30 minutes. Its legal, I bought an ounce of foliage off of bouncing bear, when it arrives Ill update how it is.

    I have never heard of this plant before and found little information searching around. Does anyone have any valuable information or experience with this plant?

  2. i've always wondered about this myself because where i live they grow wild. i've actually cut one before, on the stem, and an orange ooze came out. presumably the opium(? if it's not then idk wtf it is).
  3. It doesnt have opium in it, it was probably just the latex. But yea me and some friends went camping in the desert and found a shitload of them growing wild, wish we would have picked some.
  4. i am in the same situation as you. i am going to order some soon and hope that it works well.

    havent found too much information on it either but it only costs around $2.50 for an ounce of it

    do they send you the dried out leaves already or do you have to dry them yourself?

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