getting high from compressed air cans (gas duster)

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. hey guys,
    i heard somewhere that you could get high from inhaling the contents of those compressed air cans for computers. i got some office max brand called \"gas duster\" sitting here. i

    it says it contains difluoroethane
  2. yea..u can...but why would u want to?

    little kids in middle school do that shit...u ever seen the movie \"Thirteen\"? lol

    \"HIT ME AGAIN!\" lmao
  3. Well if you want to kill your brain cells just to get a buzz that\'ll last a minute, go ahead. But personally, I think doing drugs like that is low, fiend status.
  4. Yea, you can get high off duster, horrible idea though, that shit will fuck you up like in the head.

    Not worth it, if you wanna get fucked up around the house try some robotussion, nutmeg, tylenol simply sleep, alcohol
  5. Fuck all that air duster shit. It will make you stupid and stuff.. You\'ll be all like :eek:woah man!!!after its over cause you will be dumb!

    Yes, I am high.:wave::smoking:
  6. You sure you havent been inhaling some of it? lol, jk.
  7. It\'s not going to make you retarded, but it can give you some temporary (read: 2 or 3 months) nerve damage. So I don\'t recommend it.

  8. they were inhaling nitrous from a whip cream can
  9. I just saw a commercial on this....alright picture\'s some gold fish in a tank and there like Inhaling gas to get high decreases the amount of oxegen to your brain that keeps you alive and the whole time it\'s sayin this the water is draining from the tank and by the end of the commercial the fish are plopping around in a empty tank.... damn poor fish i\'m calling PEDA.:smoking: :D so no go smoke some reefer.
  10. No they werent they were doing Air Duster because whippets don\'t do that to you.
  11. ^ i want to.
    waiting for my dealer to call me back
  12. lol.......i wanna inhale nitrous from a can of whip cream, last time i tried there wasnt even enough for a deep breath...............nitrous isnt dangerous is it?
  13. Haha, I\'ve tried it before and it\'s just stupid imo. But to each is own. If you die doing it..Don\'t say we didnt warn you...........
  14. pretty much the same effects and affects...i think. either way it doesnt sound too smart...but hey...if you want to try it go ahead..i dont think anything will happen with ONE use of it...but then again i tried inhaling air freshner (in 6th grade) and after a few puffs i got a ringing noise in my head that lasted about 6 seconds...havent fucked with it since...only to cover up smells of shit (literally and figuratively) and weed :)

  15. blowin dusters is fuckin gay
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