Getting High Before A Tattoo

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  1. Would it be wise to get high before going in to get your first tattoo?? Because for me, getting high makes me forget about my sense of touch. It would be hot but I wouldn't really feel it. My fingers would be getting burnt for holding onto a lighter too long and I wouldn't notice it it until I come down from the high and realized I burned my finger. So I was wondering if I could go in and get my tattoo while I'm high to help with the pain 

  2. Yes do it. I have and do and would again and again

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  3. Idk about help the pain but it will calm ur nerves before the tatt.. Ask them for the numbing cream/spray ppl say it helps but I never tried it
  4. Just getting high won't do it for me...  I've been tattooed on edibles twice now, which was so nice.  I ended up getting a cramp in my left leg because I managed to keep it so still as it was being tattooed, my right leg had more activity with twitching and being uncomfortable.  I come to expect what being tattooed feels like though.  It's definitely nice to not make the decision of what you're getting tattooed while you're on edibles, go in make the appointment and talk about what it is you want from the artist.
  5. Well if you're sure you won't make any dumb decisions go for it I guess, but some artists won't touch you if they suspect you're inebriated. So keep it on the DL.
  6. to be honest, getting a tattoo isn't really painful. it's not a sensation of getting " pierced " or like getting a vaccine. it's more like getting poked by a million of little things at the same time. Then again, it might just be me who has a high pain tolerance lol
    I've never got high before getting ink'ed because i don't really like to be high in public, but i imagine it would help you with the pain !
    where on your body are you getting ink'ed ?
  7. Personally I'm covered in tattoos and sat 6 hours my first session. It's not bad (except the chest), and will very possibly feel a wave of euphoria from your body's response for the pain.
    I wouldn't sweat it, getting high or not it's pretty much all the same

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  8. Do it I've gotton tattoos high and tattoos sober and being high is a much more enjoyable experience so your more relaxed and less stressed

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  9. Supposedly I have a high pain tolerance, but I don't think being tattooed is serious enough pain wise for it to be necessary to be high or use a numbing cream. 
    If you do decide to smoke, make sure the artist doesn't know, they'll probably make you reschedule or worse cancel your appointment altogether because of liability. 
  10. I would say just because it's your first I wouldn't get too blazed. Now that I'm starting to finish my sleeve and my chest piece is done I really enjoy smoking before, it makes the experience therapeutic for me. For your first one though, I would recommend a small bowl, a nice meal and some sort of painkiller.

    "Animal Smoke"
  11. Go for it. Just don't tell the artist.
    related sort of?

  12. Well like some people said, professional artists can be really iffy about tattoo a high/drunk person. That being said, I honestly think if you are getting a large tattoo, it will probably bring you down after a bit, so it won't really matter regardless, it's still going to hurt. Do NOT use numbing creams though. It makes the application more difficult, they have to take breaks to reapply, and it can actually make it worse for you because your body doesn't get use to the pain until it wears off and it hits you all at once. If it clams your nerves, I'd say go for it, but don't expect it to really do too much for the pain itself.

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  13. I think it would also depend on the type of tattoo you are getting. I'd imagine a simple one like a name or a logo wouldn't be as painful as a detailed tattoo which would require a lot more smaller lines in one condensed area
  14. In my personal opinion, it feels like cat slowly scratching sunburn. Basically, it's not so much that it hurts, it's just annoying. But I do not recommend getting high. Besides, part of what makes a tattoo worth it, is the fact that you were able to sit through the pain. But, it doesn't really hurt. Some people thinks it does. Idk man, I'd advise against it
  15. I definitely think where you're getting it at matters a lot. My ribs hurt like a bitch but I wish I hadn't gotten the numbing agent (lidacaine?) because then you had to take solid 10 minute breaks in between and I had to get myself readjusted to getting tattooed again every single time. Plus they can only use that stuff after they're done outlining

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  16. I got high before my most recent tat and it didn't change much pain-wise. It did help, though. I can handle the pain fine but my hand shakes when I get my arm done. Smoking weed stopped that.
  17. I smoke before mine. I'm never sober, so I cant say if it helps with the pain or not. The only place that really hurt was my shoulders.
  18. Everyone here is saying yes pretty much. I smoke everyday pretty much all day but I still have never gone to get a tattoo while high. I like my judgement to be 100% clear. Its kinda like if for whatever reason the tattoo turns out to be disappointing I want to be able to blame myself for it rather than maybe blaming it on being high, or having the "maybe if I wasn't high" debacle. Idk kinda weird, but its just the way I feel comfortable. I can just go back home sober as an ox after enduring an awesome experience and get smacked out of my mind and admire my tat anyways, I dont feel the need to be high during it though. Its not like it relieves the least for me
  19. I am a tattoo artist, big big meal about an hour before your tatt i found food helps with pain the best in my oppinion. about 70% of my body is tatted up and i racked up about 40 hrs table time in the first 4 months. worst time i ever had was skipping a meal before my inking. NO PAINKILLERS!! NO ALCOHOL!! Both thin the blood especislly not zanex, u can litteraly see the skin reject the ink when someone is mad fucked up especially alcohol. Weed is just fine, i am high every time i get on the table.
  20. being blazed on the slab is the best...!!

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