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Getting high at night?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ThePolishPuertoRican, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Okay, so I tend to smoke mainly at night, because around here (ct), you mostly find indica. But if I'm with friends we will smoke and do something. But I'd rather toke at night considering I usually have things that need to get done during the day.

    So what I'd like to know is what you all do at night alone. Because I just get so bored. I sold my Xbox because I have to focus on school, and my f.w.b. Is on vacation.

    I'm almost going crazy. Lol
    Reading while high is a lot of fun in my opinion, especially when it's a book that I'm really into. Aside from that, I think it has to do with hobbies you're into and whether or not you can do them while you're high at night.
  3. Meditation, music, dancing, reading, writing. Do some yoga or work out, both are great with a few puffs!
  4. Man are you sure you smoking CB:D? I can pretty much stare into my wall and be entertained after a few hits:p
    What did you do at night before you got stoned? 
  6. I'm actually reading IT by Stephen King atm, but I can NOT focus while I'm high haha
  7. I used to smoke a bowl just to help me sleep. Maybe watched it's always sunny in Philadelphia but I'm tired of it haha.
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    If your only hobby is watching TV then that is your problem buddy
  9. ever since ive started smoking before bed(mainly after my parents would go to bed lol) i havent been able to get to sleep quite as quick unless i smoke. So, usually, after i smoke i just go to bed. but if i think im up to it, ill make a cup of tea before i smoke and try to stay awake long enough for a movie or some missions in the story mode of any game. 
  10. what are you even talking about "buddy". That's not evrn a hobby. I just said I usually watch tv when I'm high at night. I was wondering what other people did under the same circumstance.
  11. ahh I misread your question. And you'll probably say to do what I do sober. But that's not what I'm asking. I originally asked what OTHER people do in the same situation.
  12. I smoke at night a lot of the time, to help me sleep.
    However, if I smoke a sativa at night, I like to just sit out on the back porch, maybe start a small fire and just listen.
  13. A few things I like to do while high at night include read a book, write music, play video games, stretch, meditate or just close my eyes and listen to music.
  14. music food and a movie , the only problem with a movie is that you can't really concentrate :( 
  15. your on a computer aint ya you still got plenty of video games
  16. Music and movies are the best. I find that videogames kind of kill the high a bit.
    Watch trippy movies like "Waking Life" or "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."
  17. i just google random shit.. try and educate myself but i never remember it in the morning anyway lol. im thinking of doing something crafty soon.. maybe make some candles or something
  18. Sometimes, after I get high at night, I like to pick my toes.
  19. Do your homework
  20. hey bro i live in ct too! i gotta problem with parents so i really only smoke at night. besides sleeping which is great, i'm a fan of black ops 2 league play it's wicked fun and intense. stay lit dude , peace

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