Getting High And Thinking Im Dying

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  1. Ok, I have been smoking for like 5 months and I've been high a ton of times. But last night I took one hit from my bubbler and it was a huge hit. Within just a couple minutes I felt the effect. I think it's just dry mouth, but it feels like whenever I swallow like a drink or food, I think I'm swallowing it down in my lungs. I think it only in my head, but I would get major panic attacks from it. Does anyone know how to prevent this?
  2. smoke upside down
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  4. quit smoking
    i love working out and taking quizzes, that is working out a way to avoid taking quizzes
  6. It is dry mouth. I always have water or some kind of drink (not milk, fuck that) when I smoke. Fruit is amazing too, and besides the hydration effect it has, it helps with the munchies.. and is deeeelicious! :yummy: Strawberries and oranges are nice, mangoes will get you a little higher. Stay away from bananas and nuts until you're sure your dry mouth is gone. Gum works wonders too if you keep any handy.
  7. its in your head man. i think its physically impossible to swolloe food into your lungs..
  8. he not busy being born is busy dying 
  9. I had something similar a few days ago. I've been smoking pretty heavily for about a year now. A few days ago, though, I was super high and waiting for the bus with a few friends. For some reason or another, I began to believe that every single car that drove by was going to roll down the window and pull a drive by shooting. It was the scariest thing I think I've ever experienced high.
    Just drink lots of water to calm yourself and remind yourself that you're just super baked and everything will be fine :) also, I heard that mashed potatoes before you smoke can make a high more manageable and a little less crazy
    I can honestly say I have never heard of mashed potatoes. 
    As far as the panic attacks come every once in a while I feel like need to remember to breath lol But then I realize that im stoned and just end up forgetting. I also always have a glass of ice to chew on after I smoke at the house
  11. Chewing gum may help as well. Also, meditating while you're high can be a great way to distract yourself and think about other things. Soon as you close your eyes, your mind will race. Or, if you're more expirienced, you can shut out all thought and focus on something else. But definitely try mashed potatoes, and don't eat any mango before you toke.
  12. give me some of what you are smoking

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