Getting high and mowing the lawn.

Discussion in 'General' started by LovingTree, May 23, 2010.

  1. Now normally I hate to mow the lawn.

    I ate a special brownie 1 hour before I mowed. I felt the buzz. And during mowing I got really high.

    Let me tell you. I spent 2 hours perfecting the lawn and making sure everything was cut. I was giggling when I cut the flowers, lol. I had ABBA - Dancing Queen on repeat the whole time for 2 hours. Best song ever when high , lol.

    Anyone else done work while high and LOVED it?
  2. yea, real work.

    it was actually fun that time :cool:
  3. i love blazin before gettin on the lawnmower and mowing the 4 acres of lawn i got growing. i make sure to smoke 3 bowls because it takes awhile perfecting the lawn so it looks like Fenway park with all the lines going back and forth. its really quite enjoyable
  4. only way to do it
  5. Haha good shit. For some reason weed makes everything fun, even yard work. I remember my homie had about an acre of work to do and we smoked a blunt. Shit was so funny to watch, he was all smiling and shit with the weedwhacker.
  6. I was high and doing yard work yesterday. I got so into it and I was enjoying the sun beamig down on me. I was hot as shit but I liked it.
  7. lol weed is the greatest god damn thing around. it can make you do just about everything you would ever want happily ever after
  8. I did that when we had about an acre to mow up in Chicago so we had a riding lawn mower. The surroundings were very natural and relaxing. Id put on some music and mow for like an hour
  9. haha i love mowin the lawn baked. especially in the nice warm rain. all sorts of imaginative things are going through my head :p
  10. Oh man. Honestly, I enjoy cutting the grass if it's a beautiful day outside and isn't scorching hot. I don't have to be high. But I'm definitely going to be high cutting grass this summer. Earthy
  11. yeee any chores i like to do a little fadey, especially cleaning. my attention to detail increases magnificently.. and i end up like you spending hours on perfection
  12. Oh yes, I love ridding on my ridding lawn mower high. I usually end up doing a couple of victory laps when im done because its so fun. My neighbors probably think im really weird... Using the push mower totally sucks tho.
  13. I smoked a joint before I mowed the lawn today and I swear I turned into a master gardner. It started pouring rain halfway through, but I just kept on going. My neighbors where sitting outside under their covered porch watching me just shaking their heads. Cars where slowing down and staring at me while I perfected the lawn in the rain...
  14. That made me lol :smoke:
  15. anything outdoors is better when you're high!
  16. Used to do it all the time at work. One time I had smoked some very trippy weed, and I cut the grass and it wasn't in straight nice lines, it was waves, and circles, I cut it looking like crop circles.

    It all got cut, but my parents were like wtf? I'm outfront doing circles on a lawnmower, trying to get that single blade the circumfrance is just too small to hit.

  17. sounds like a blast man. i worked as a groundskeeper for nine months. i was high the enitire time. as to working high? is there any other way, lol. right on brother.

  18. I do crop circles in my lawn too. I make one big one in the center of the yard and then smaller ones radiating out from all the trees and stuff in the lawn so they all meet in the center and over lap eachother in all directions. It's actually more of a zen rock garden look. very trippy.
  19. Yea, that day I wasn't trying to do it, but now I do it on purpose.

    Like you said, I go in circles around the trees, keep making them bigger and bigger.

    Then instead of doing straight lines, I go in almost circles, so if they were lines I skip over one then hit it going back. 1,3,2,4,6,5,
  20. I have an acre of lawn and a riding mower so I must say listening to some pink floyd and riding my mower is one of my favorite things it's just so relaxing and you don't even have to stand up or move around either ha
    And for real work I work at kfc and I blaze before work all the time, everyone knows it, no one cAres, everyone else is usually high , and I get to invent my own food ( for free ) :)

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