Getting high and going to petsmart.

Discussion in 'Pets' started by MasterChief420, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Is Some Of The Tightest Shit Ever. They Got Some Dank Ass Bunnys. Go Pet Them Shits One Time!
  2. going to petstores when im high is a BAD idea...ill end up with more 2 more ferrets, couple more fish..and hey! why not get a new lizzard while im at it?? lol
  3. Heh, dank ass bunnies. I go to the pet store to pet the bunnies without being stoned. Always a good time.
  4. just a quick note:
    the bunnies taste even better than they feel.

    no im kidding. animals are the shit, baked or not. no pun intended :hello:
  5. Whaddabout teh parots?:rolleyes:
  6. I've never been to a pet store high but I've been to the zoo high a bit.

    The petting part of the zoo is the best lol
  7. youre tellin me. my girl has this huge fucking cage that i bought her and 3 bunnies. I didn't like them at first, but now i think they're pretty fuckin cool. one of our cats loves to grappel one of them in specific and paw at her tail. the rabbit jumps on the cat and grunts. its funny when baked.
  8. rabbit is actually not bad eatin.

    i shot a couple and made stew just last month.
  9. I didn't know bunnies can be dank.

  10. dude they're even better to smoke... that shit makes you TRIP
  11. I do a coop at a pet store now. So i work the petshop in the mornings then school in the aftter.

    I wanna go baked so bad and play with the animals, casue i feed them and everything but i wanna get a job there so i dont. :(
  12. seriously tho dude...this one time i went in to check out the birds at petco...i fell in love with this lil blue conure...if id had 100 more dollars id have it rite now...the thing cost 500$ and then plus cage and shit...i think hes still there but im afraid to look:rolleyes:
  13. my girlfriend loves goin there and i just blaze before i meet up with is awesome
  14. Cockateals>Conarue
  15. i hate it. i always bring home pets. i love animals way to much.

    i actually did get baked and went today but i bought my pit bull and australian shepard/coyote puppies in with me today so i would not think about getting another dog.

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